Best PVC Doors You Can Make Use of


An entrance door can be made of aluminum, PVC or mixed. Aluminum is a fully recyclable material, very resistant and which offers the most options for customization if the aesthetics of your front door is a determining criterion of choice. Aluminum does not rust (unlike steel) and requires no maintenance, for a lifespan of several decades.

The Entrance Door

A PVC entrance door, a very resistant and recyclable material, offers good insulation and an excellent quality or performance or price ratio. It does not require any maintenance.

Custom-made PVC or aluminum entrance doors combine the strength of aluminum (outside the joinery) with the good thermal and sound insulation of PVC (inside the joinery). This is a wise solution when you want a specific color or a particular design. The modern rendering of aluminum will give a contemporary look to your home, with multiple possibilities for customization. This type of front door does not require any maintenance for a lifespan of several decades.

Custom wood or aluminum entrance doors combine the resistance of aluminum (outside the joinery) with the good thermal and sound insulation of wood (inside the joinery), which is a natural and renewable material. This opens up a lot of possibilities for an elegant entrance combining the beauty of wood and its warm side with the modernity and aesthetic purity of aluminum. It is a choice which allows marrying an authentic rendering with an optimum comfort of insulation.

How to choose a secure front door?

To choose a secure entry door, here are the points of vigilance to which you must pay attention: the type of lock, the number of locking points, the reinforcement of the panel, the design and the thickness (prefer a thickness of more than 70 mm).

The pocket door, which disappears in a section of wall, has had some success in new constructions. Your interior wooden door is a central element of the success of your decoration. For safety, it is important that you use HDB main door in Singapore as it is part of the regulation for homeowners living here.

The Practical Aspects Of An Interior Door

Building or renovating a house is one of the biggest investments of a lifetime and, of course, has a very long-term perspective.

The practical aspects of choosing an interior door will therefore be one of your priorities. The maintenance of surfaces and the resistance of materials are points to be taken into account. You will opt for a resistant wood, which has benefited from a quality protective treatment to maintain its beautiful appearance over time. A strong point is also the ease and speed of cleaning and maintenance. The type of wood can also impact the quality of the insulation, both thermal and acoustic. Choosing quality wood will therefore have a significant influence on the comfort of life in your home.

Every day, our employees deploy a unique expertise in the manufacture of high-performance and aesthetic doors, in PVC, aluminum and mixed, and exceptional know-how in tailor-made, the result of long experience.

The front door is the first impression your home leaves. It must welcome the visitor and protect you, be functional and beautiful, reflect the spirit of your home and respect its aesthetics.

To choose the materials and design of your front door, find the model that will enhance your home while meetingyour constraints, several criteria must be taken into account.

Thermal insulation for your comfort The front door plays an integral role in the energy performance of your home. Its insulation is essential to avoid heat loss and offer you the best acoustic comfort.

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