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Building Ponds: What You Should Keep In Mind


If you are planning to build a pond, it is such a beautiful element that would add further life and creativity to your garden or backyard. Ponds are so relaxing and soothing that make it seem much more special. Aside from that, it’s a place for recreation to use anytime when you want to relax.

As you create a pond for your home, it may be more stressful unless you have professional gardeners, such as from Amico, to help you. There are lots of factors that you should consider before finally deciding to make a pond. So, it’s only essential to fully understand first the varying aspects of your plan. For instance, you should have a timeline and enough financial allocation to ensure that your pond is built smoothly in no time.

To give you some guides, here are the things you should consider first. These are the most common factors you need to know in building a pond.

Here it goes.

  • Choose A Specific Location

Location is essential as your pond will develop further with the right place. You can easily spot the difference between a pond made by a professional or a DIY project. It is vital that your pond needs to be situated in an ideal spot. The location should be where it gets at least six hours of sun each day. Apart from that, there is a shade that can at least stabilize the hot temperature.


  • Don’t Make It Too Huge Or Small

Go for the standard size. Don’t make it too big that it will seem more challenging to do or too small, either. Your size for the pond should be the right one for the location itself. Use the fish or plants as one of the affecting factors. Generally, an average pond size is about 16 x 11 feet, and it can hold roughly 2,000 gallons of water.  Assess your location first and estimate how big you want your pond be.

  • Know Your Budget

When you plan to build a pond, it’s pretty expensive. Be ready with all the financial aspects. However, the financial factor may still depend on how large you want the pond be and the other elements as well. If you are on a tight budget, you can find a DIY kit from garden shops and build it yourself. But, you will still be needing professional gardening services Bondi from Amico, for instance, to achieve that pond you want.

  • Identify The Technicalities

There are more things that you have to consider when you build a pond. It will include the water supply and power in sustaining its structure and maintaining its cleanliness.  Even if it’s a small pond you wish, you’ll need a pump and a GFCI outlet especially for larger ponds.

  • Choose Your Plants Well

Carefully choose the plants you want to grow in your pond. When you have a pond, use plants such as floating, submerged, and bog plants. To give you some help, you may ask your local nursery for their best picks for this aspect.

  • Identify The Fish Tales

When you want some fish for your pond, make sure that it’s at least 24 inches deep. It is to prevent them from overheating in summer or freezing in winter. Also, make sure that you keep them clean.

Final Word

Build a pond and use these ideas as your guide. These factors are crucial and will take some time and effort to maintain it.


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