Mold Removal

Does Bleach Kill Mold?

Bleach Kill Mold

Mold is not only unsightly, but it may also cause structural damage by eating away at the surfaces it thrives on. Mold can also create various health problems, and it’s especially dangerous for people who have allergies or have weakened immune systems.

Bleach is often advertised as a mold-removal remedy. However, it only works on mold on nonporous surfaces like tiles and sinks. It isn’t effective on porous surfaces like wood or drywall. So, continue reading to learn more about bleach and mold.

Why Can’t You Keep Cleaning the Mold?

Some people insist that they can keep cleaning the mold on their own. However, this is not a good idea because you don’t know what type of mold it is or how toxic it might be to your health. In fact, using chlorine bleach on a damp surface is likely to encourage further mold growth due to its effect as an irritant and allergen for many people. So, there are far better treatments available than household bleach for killing or preventing mold growth inside a house.

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Mold removal requires professional attention for several reasons:

  • Firstly, knowing exactly which species of mold you have growing in your home is important. There are hundreds of thousands of types and species, some more dangerous than others.
  • Secondly, many molds release spores into the air that can be hazardous to people with respiratory problems or weakened immune systems. Mold removal must always be done by professionals who know how to safely remove mold without exposing you to its potentially harmful spores.
  • Lastly, mold is a stubborn substance that can be difficult to eliminate without the right tools and knowledge. Trying to remove it yourself could end up causing more damage and requiring even more expensive repairs in the future.

Why Should You Call Professional to Kill Mold?

Bleach is ineffective for killing mold in porous surfaces and can actually cause it to spread. For mold removal in Atlanta, you must call a professional who has the right equipment and training to safely remove hazardous substances like mold spores from indoors.

A good contractor will also be able to advise you on how best to prevent future infestations of mold in your home. So, if you see any signs of mold, don’t hesitate to call a professional for help.

To Conclude

Mold can be a major concern in homes, both structurally and health-wise. For safe, effective mold removal, call a professional contractor who knows how to handle this type of hazard.

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