How Much Do Bathtub Liners Cost? A Bathtub to Showers Mission Viejo CA


If you had a bathtub of your own at home, you might have heard of a bathtub liner. But for those who don’t know what it is, it’s something that’s installed in the actual bathtub to improve the bathtub’s ability to withstand damage.

Bathtub liners are known for their amazing properties, such as antimicrobial resistance, high scratch resistance, high impact resistance, durability, high cleaning chemical resistance in the bathroom, high molding characteristics, UV tolerance, and high dimensional stability.

When thinking of changing your old bathtubs with bathtub liners, consider the following.

There is a range of brands selling bath liners, such as Bath Fitters and Bath Worlds, which sell 100% acrylic tub liners created by their experienced staff. Also available are custom bath liners including 1-day liner and $3,000 wall panel installation as a starting price for some baths. According to their blog, they sell only cheap yet high-quality tubing fitters.

On the other side, there is also a home-depot where you can buy tub liners. Within a few days, they measure and mount acrylic liners with wall panels, using measurements based on stock sizes. Bath Wraps, a company that sells bathtub liners, gives a one-day service for bathtub measurement liners. Setting up tub liners is based on the brand that you want your tub liners and the additional features that you want to install in your tub. These are similar wall panels, shower enclosures, tables, grab bars, and built-in soap dishes.

The total cost will all boil down to the features, installation, and brand of bathtub liner that you will avail. If you’re planning to convert your Bathtub to Showers Mission Viejo or Shower Remodel Mission Viejo, contact DURACARE Baths.

Know more about it, check this infographic out by DURACARE Baths.

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