How to Renovate Your Bathroom the Way You Want it?


You may either renovate your family bathroom or an suite, you should first price up the entire project and ensure that you achieve what exactly you wanted. If you have been preparing yourself for a complete renovation of your bathroom, this may be a great opportunity for you to strip the old bathroom out and start your dream bathroom renovation from scratch. However, you need to also make sure that your budget, as well as planning, is appropriate and correct and you should also take the assistance of a professional and reliable designer such as Renovco bathroom renovations in order to avoid costly mistakes.

You may ask your bathroom renovation service provider, or you can yourself draw a plan of your existing bathroom in order to scale on graph paper to start with the renovation planning. You can mark the windows, doors, plumbing, and other sanitaryware on the graph paper. It will be then clear for you to spot which does not work or what you really wish to do and what you actually want with your dream bathroom. Based on your existing bathroom layout, you can then develop the new layout for your bathroom and at this stage, you need to consider many aspects such as who will use the bathroom, is it a common bathroom or guest bathroom, or private one or an en suite etc.

If you consider your new bathroom for the use of your entire family, you should further consider more space, bigger bath, more storage, and sanitaryware which fits for the entire family. If you find the space smaller to accommodate the needs of the entire family, you can further consider wall-hung units and basins etc. This will eventually open-up more floor space in the bathroom making it convenient for the comfortable use of your entire family.

Prepare a checklist before the beginning of renovation work and make sure you incorporate all details in the checklist such as the plumbing and soil stack, heating, flooring, lighting, wall covering, storage, sanitaryware etc.

In the case, you are happy with the existing bathroom or you are not prepared for the budget and want to keep some of the infrastructures like plumbing unchanged, then your renovation should be straightforward. In this context, you need to consider what else will make your bathroom more functional and comfortable and what to add and what to discard.

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