Is Multicooker Worth Buying?- Know the Right Answer


Before rice cookers, there were slow cookers and now it’s the time of multicookers. A multicooker can perform a lot of functions in just one pot like a food processor can chop, and grate and do many more functions in a single appliance; A multicooker can slow cook, bake, pressure cook, steam cook, fry, boil, saute and make rice in a single appliance. It’s one answer to almost every cooking task you perform on an everyday basis. It saves your time, space, and efforts. Here are some reasons why you should buy a multicooker. Start searching for the best multi cooker, as this list you might buy one today after reading this 

Time Saver

Multicookers are known to cook faster than ovens and slow cookers. Multicookers create a sealed environment, steam, air can’t escape, and because of that, the boiling point rises from 212 degrees to 250 degrees. Additionally, the multicookers trap hot air and moisture with the food. Which is the reason why multicookers cook faster.

Space efficient

The best multi cookercan slow cook, bake, pressure cook, steam cook, fry, boil, sauté, and make rice in a single appliance. Hence, this appliance can replace several other appliances in your kitchen.

Less cleaning

All you need is one pot for cooking your favorite meals, so you tend to make less mess around, and cleaning dishes is not a thing that you have to worry about. Additionally, a multicooker has a nonstick ceramic coating, which is easy to clean.


As it’s a single electronic pot it makes it easier to travel with.

Can be left unattended:

You can leave your Multicooker unattended, just set the settings, it will do its work, and after the food is cooked, it turns off automatically and keeps the food warm.

Saves energy:

As the best multi cooker ukcooks fast, it saves a lot of time and energy

Healthy cooking:

A multicooker eliminates the need for oils, as it is non-sticky and also the way the food is cooked in a multicooker, it helps to retain all the vitamins and minerals from the food.


The biggest advantage of purchasing a multicooker is that it is firstly cost-effective. And as being one appliance doing the work of so many other appliances, it naturally becomes a cost effective appliance in your kitchen.

If you are someone to whom time is everything and you want to cut down on purchasing so much kitchen appliance. You want something, which saves energy as well, and buy something, which is more cost-efficient and does most work like other appliances; a best multi cooker UK is a must for your kitchen. It is going to be a blessing for healthy food lovers, travelers, and for someone who doesn’t want to spend much time cleaning and standing still in front of your pots waiting for the food to cook. Also if you want a wider range of functions, choose a multi-cooker that has a slow cooker setting with a high and low setting.

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