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Everyone at one time or the other felt the need to renovate or remodel their kitchen. There may be any number of reasons to renovate from getting the latest oven or stove, to having better ventilation, to hide the clutter or just to have a new look.  A home of your own in the cities is expensive and few have the luxury of a large kitchen area. To have a compact and increased storage and functionality, the kitchen needs to be renovated. There are several leading kitchen renovators and remodelers in the market like Cuisines Rosemere that you may wish to contact. Modular kitchens go a long way in renovating a kitchen as they come in different shapes and sizes and at a very affordable price.

What is a Modular kitchen?

Modular kitchen as the name suggests, consists of cabinet modules for fitting the various kitchen equipment in a compact and neat manner. The cabinets are designed to store in a very effective manner with ease of access and utility in mind. Utilisation of available space is the basic characteristic of modular kitchens. The cabinets are usually factory made with various materials to suit the individuals taste and budget. The modules fit into each other to make a complete kitchen. These modules provide enough space for storage, cooking, as well as electronic appliances while maintaining the elegant look

Types of Modular Kitchen:

The modular kitchen can be of different types based on the layout of the kitchen.

  • Straight
  • Wall tube
  • Parallel
  • L shaped
  • U shaped or island

The cabinets can be either floor units or wall units.

Advantages of a Modular kitchen

  1. The modular kitchen’s greatest advantage is the more storage area for the given space. The design of the modules let you utilise the space of every shape and size.
  2. Sleek and trendy design.
  3. Convenience at every step.
  4. A large choice of material, colour finishes to suit your decor and budget.
  5. The cabinets being factory manufactured, have lesser chances of error in fitting.
  6. Maintenance: It is easier to maintain a modular kitchen,

The Modular kitchen is here to stay

Modular kitchen is an easy and trendy way to maximise storage within a given area. With the concept of open kitchen, it has become an integral part of your home where design and elegance is important. The modular kitchen is the perfect solution for all your needs

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