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Patina powder coat – A revolutionary concept


The innovation in the field of coat i.e. paint  to cover the surfaces so as to protect their integrity led to the discovery of powder coat technology that helped giving new dimensions to the objects made up of metals.

Continuous research on patina with power coat technology has enabled to create amazing yet realistic wood grains and custom images on metal like aluminum, steel and iron. Likewise, now-a-days, with development of an innovative and state of art decorative powder coating technology, you can even provide a patina powder coat o plastic, PVC, MDF, glass and a myriad of other materials with simple or even complex shapes.

Although powder coating is used mainly on metals but it has been found perfect for architectural applications, medical devices, automotive refinishing, industrial parts, bicycle parts, household appliances, wood articles, chairs, tables, furniture, enclosures, trailers, lighting and so on and so forth.

Types of powder coating

The powder coating is an extremely efficient painting method meant to create a tough, durable and an amazingly beautiful finish and texture. 

The different types of powder coatings include:

  • Epoxies – The first widely used powders epoxies are very durable, offer excellent hardness and offer the best resistance to chemical and corrosion. Epoxies better suited to indoor applications as they tend to fade and chalk in the sun and may also degrade over time.
  • Polyesters – offer good flexibility for mechanical, impact as well as chemical resistance. They exist in variety of colors, gloss levels and special effects. They exhibit an efficient outside weatherability and durability.
  • Super Durable Polyesters- are considered to be most valued powders as they offer superior durability, color and gloss protection better. They also provide better resistance against humidity and corrosion.

For interior as well outdoor applications Super Durable Polyesters are rated quite high.

  • Epoxy-Polyester – are often mixed together to form hybrids and are created to offer superior weather degradation properties. Epoxy-Polyester is mainly used on items that require attractive cosmetic appeal and good functional properties. 

They are usually applied on indoor appliances and other household items like furniture, shelving, interior lighting, and power tools.

Epoxy-Polyester hybrids – are often used for domestic appliances like stoves, washers, and dryers etc.

  • Fluoro-polymers – are considered most ideal for use in architectural markets owing to their exceptional weathering properties and abilities for color and gloss retention.

They exhibit an excellent weatherability and corrosion resistance properties that makes them suitable for architectural applications like curtain wall, windows, awnings, ceilings, doors, garage gates, railings and more

  • Urethanes – are chemically similar to polyesters, with a difference in curing agents. They offer a smooth finish and have excellent exterior durability as well as chemical and corrosion resistance properties which make them ideal for powder coating fuel tanks.

Applications of Urethanes include agricultural equipment, air conditioners, car rims and oven and doorknobs.

As per your need you may choose the required type of powder coating material for your valuables. 

When you need to use unmatched patina powder coat so as to maintain the grace and add to the life of your articles, you may feel free in contacting Maui Powder Works – the front runner among patina powder coating. 

Should you need more details or wish to learn more about patina powder coating, please click here.  

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