The Chronology of Photography and History of Photo Prints


The contemporary photography is almost known to everybody who has a mobile phone at hand and knows the operation. On the other hand, if you ask about photography, very few may be able to answer even the fundamental questions such as what the meaning of photography is or who invented the camera etc. However, the professional people dealing with photography or photo prints such as Big Acrylic prints ultimately are experts who not only know many things about photography or photo printing but are also capable of rendering high-quality photo printing services if you wish your photo needs to be printed professionally.

The word “photography” is derived from two Greek words namely “light” and “drawing” which means the photography is the art and process of creating images using light. Joseph Nicephore Nieoce is considered as the inventor of photography as he took the first photograph in 1827. His photography was rather resulting in fuzzy outcome with long eight hours of exposure to light. Then, Louis Daguerre created a sharp but one-use photo which can be taken in one minute in the year 1837. Finally, William Henry Fox invented negative film and prints in 1839 which is still the primary basis for photography.

However, the concept of photography is much older, or photo print is much older than the invention of the camera or the present-day basics of photography. You will be astonished to learn that the first concept of photography goes back to the 5th century BC when the Chinese and Greek philosophers described the fundamental principles of a camera and the optics. It was the Chinese who first discovered the idea of primary pinhole camera which was eventually described in 5th century BC how an upside image was created on the opposite wall from a pinhole. Similarly, the famous philosopher Aristotle described the formation of pinhole image in the 4th century BC. He also described about the same theory while watching the eclipse of the sun through a small whole either created through leaves of a tree or through fingers.

The Iraqi scientist Alhazen attributed to the invention of first camera obscura which is described in his book optics. Similarly, Sir Isaac Newton also discovered another type of light theory associating to present-day concept of a camera and explained that how the white light is comprised of various colours when refracting white light passes through a prism. Finally, the box form of the camera was envisioned by Johann Zahn in 1685 which took almost 150 years to be materialised by other inventors.

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