Kitchen is an integral part of the house used for preparing meals for the family. Residential kitchens are more or less like commercial kitchens; including deep, multi-functional sinks and an exquisite kitchen hood, however, they might lack one or two special equipment used in commercial establishments. There are certain essential items without which any kitchen, whether moderate or designer kitchen, is incomplete. These are:

  • A stove/gas/burner– A gas burner is essential for cooking food. Many people may think, what do I need a burner for when I can easily heat food in a microwave oven?  However, even if a microwave oven can be used for heating food, certain special factors should be kept in mind before carrying out the task. Most materials from which cooking utensils are made are not compatible and safe to use in a microwave oven. To decide the utensils to be used in such cases, one just needs to follow the thumb rule of using only those utensils that say, “microwave safe”, and keep aside the rest to be used on the burner. Use dishes, plates, bowls and other utensils that are made from materials like glass and glass-ceramic and avoid aluminum foil. Ceramic, porcelain, and stoneware should be used only if they are labeled as “microwave safe”. It is best to avoid plastic because they can melt very easily.
  • A sink with hot and cold running water– A continuous supply of fresh water is an absolute necessity when it comes to cooking food. Water is also an essential medium for cooking food, and it is required for washing fruits, raw vegetables. While many people cook food using the same water that flows from the taps, others simply prefer using water that is meant for drinking.
  • A refrigerator– It is a cold storage that is used to keep perishable food materials fresh for a long time, so that they can be consumed later on. Soft drinks and juices are also kept inside a refrigerator to keep them cold and to preserve them.
  • A dishwasher– It is a machine that washes dirty dishes, free from any human intervention. Utensils made from stainless steel and even glass can be put inside a dishwasher.

Nowadays, consumers are not only decorating and beautifying their homes with the help of interior decorators, but they are also upgrading their kitchens with the latest utensils and equipment that reduces human effort. We are familiar with the term designer clothes, designer labels, designer shoes and even designer beers, but many people might not have heard about the term designer kitchen cabinets. Well, just like the rooms of a house or an office can be renovated and refurbished, kitchens too can be modified in order to get a brand new and updated look. Just as fashion designers design clothes, likewise kitchens are “designed” by the experts who are specialized in interior decoration. The term designer, for kitchens, is synonymous with the word modular, which means employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction. Designer kitchens are built and constructed in modules, rather than in a whole form from the base up.

What to look for in a designer kitchen:

  • The kitchen should be well ventilated and brightly lit.
  • It should include a professionally installed electric chimney.
  • It should house all the four necessary items listed above.
  • It should have counters and kitchen cabinets.
  • It should have one or more than one insulated plug points in which electrical appliances like mixers can be plugged into.

We hope you find these tips helpful and practical. Always prefer to hire a certified kitchen contractor for your kitchen renovation project.

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