What is lock bumping and know the effective measures to prevent it?


High-security locks are known to possess more advanced features that inhibit and discourage drilling, picking, wrenching, impressions, and other forms of burglary. The ideal security lock’s prime role is to provide high-level security. Remember, the more complex the security lock system, the harder it is to burglarize. Unauthorized persons will find it difficult to gain easy access with the addition of more security features. There is a significant change between the conventional and modern locks because of the locksmith industry’s technological advancement aspect.

What is Lock Bumping?

Lock bumping is a common burglary technique involving picking the lock cylinder with a uniquely cut key alongside a striking device. The intruder’s goal is to use the key to gain access by manipulating the lock cylinder and then damaging tumblers by hitting the key’s bow.

How Vulnerable are you?

Gauging your security measures, do you think you can fall prey to this form of burglary? Several locks in the market are vulnerable to lock bumping. Ingersoll Door Locks are designed to deter lock bumping activities due to their emphasis on enhanced security features. Lock bumping requires a significant amount of force to break the lock successfully. Property owners who leave premises unguarded become vulnerable to break-ins. Therefore, consider installing high tech lock systems such as the Ingersoll Door Locks.

Ways to stop Lock Bumping and Picking

The burglary technique is simple to master since it requires a bump key and skill, which should be a significant concern for all property owners. Try as much as possible to inhibit such behavior by enhancing your security measures and systems. Below are some of the ways you could use to stop lock bumping in your property.

Invest In a Quality High-end Security Lock

Quality is assessed and achieved by getting back the value of money spent on a particular product or service. It is always a wise move to invest in a high-end security lock system. Locks such as Ingersoll Door Locks have complex locking mechanisms and enhanced security features that make it impossible for bumping to happen.

Modify the Existing Locks

Another brilliant way to discourage bumping is to facilitate modification procedures on your existing locks. Your locksmith will assess the situation and come up with valuable insights to heighten your security. They can decide to add pins to make it hard for the intruders. The procedures might not be bump proof, but they will surely make it hard for the burglars to gain easy access into your property.

Install an Advanced Home Security System

There are security systems that detect forceful entries, and they can come in handy when dealing with situations such as lock bumping. The systems also have a way to alert the owners by setting off the alarm when they detect unusual activity. Advanced security systems will even notify you of any security breach.

Install Chain Latches

Chain latches enhance your security by inhibiting easy access to your property. The latches won’t prevent lock bumping, but they will act as an additional barrier. Burglars will have to go through another barrier to gain access; thus, latches become a deterrent.

London Locksmith 24h is a reliable locksmith service provider capable of delivering high-end security services and products to security-conscious individuals and businesses. If you want advanced security lock systems, visit our website to initiate contact. We are specialists in installing and maintaining high-security doors, modern CCTV surveillance systems and high security locking systems. Give us a call and let us help you fulfill your security demands and requirements.

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