What You Must Know About Tieflochbohren or Deep HoleDrilling


Most individuals who are working in industrial companies are professionals, trained, certified, experienced, and experts in various manual as well as mechanical tasks. Let’s assume that your expertise lies in drilling, so the surfaces you drill as well as their depth could be the basis of your field of expertise and what you do for a living. The difficulty of your job is what made you support your family so you have to be more efficient because making mistakes would lead to losses for the company that hired you.

Remember that you are an important person and a part of the industrial company you had been serving for years so you should do well at work to be appreciated or even promoted. We all know that to drill on metal, wood, land, concrete, and other surfaces is quite a tough thing to do without sufficient skills and knowledge so you are surely a professional when hired by big firms. Your employers are entrepreneurs, too, they don’t like wasting time, money, and effort because their transactions or contracts are important so if are incharge of tieflochbohren or drilling deep holes, it has to be perfect.

For some clients, finding or choosing an industrial company that offers deep hole drilling is not easy because this job requires skills and you can never tell that a person is good at it by simply looking at him. You check the products and services of this particular firm or search in the background as well as profile and reviews but those are not usually enough. In my opinion, you can choose a firm with offers even when they are still new in the industry but you can only make comments after checking their skills or output.

Deep Hole Drilling

To drill a deep hole can be applied in different applications and the person doing this job has to be accurate because a single mistake on this may lead to wrong outputs. This means that whatever you’ve worked hard for will just go to junk so the raw materials used will be wasted, though it would be great if this can be recycled to be used again. With this task, you will have a 5:1 to 20:1 depth-to-diameter ratio, which means that the hole is 5 to 20 inches deep with an inch diameter so this is how it is classified or defined.

I guess this could be difficult for a beginner so he needs to practice until he masters the basics because a more difficult task that would be about 1,500 meters deep is also a part of his job. However, with such depth, special tools and equipment must be used so more training is needed before doing such tasks. Imagine making a hole on the ground and even if it would be 1 inch in diameter but a thousand meters would be deep enough to find minerals or water.

Anyway, cutting tools are necessary for this kind of project because as you start drilling the surface, you need to remove the chips out so through cutting tools, there would be enough space for coolants to flow and chips to pass. For deeper applications, special machines with dual spindles for rotating the workpiece are used with cutting tools to create more accurate drilling.

BTA Drilling

The Boring and Trepanning Association created this method in the 1940s that uses hollow tooling in making holes. Through this tool, the pressurized coolant will be allowed to flow through the hole outside the drill so that chips can evacuate passing on internal the hole.

Hollow drill tubes can be used but will depend on the hole’s depth and diameter. The range of diameter is usually from 20-200mm to 400mm.

I guess this is a conventional way that is applied in different applications. If this is not the method that you would like to use then let’s look at the other one.

Gun Drilling

This method uses a cutting tool in producing straight holes and what makes it more accurate is that this tool has to be long and thin. This only means that it is quite delicate because gun drills are designed with a single flute or edge for cutting. It comes with a piece of internal coolant so after feeding with pressurized coolant on the hole inside, chips can be removed and pass through the flute.

Some tasks can be fulfilled using a CNC machine so the depth-to-diameter ratio must be determined first. Using machines varies and will always depend on how deep you’ll go.

Keep in mind that the deeper you drill, the more you have to be careful because everything has to be accurate. Again, a single mistake can ruin everything and it won’t be a good idea to start all over again after spending time, effort, and money. So make sure you have enough experience to avoid inaccurate outputs.

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