Why Choose Gas Cookers Over Electric Cooktops and Induction Cooktops


Your cooking skills are an important aspect of cooking, but it’s not the only thing that makes your food delicious. The pans you use the devices that are involved in making your work easier also play an important role; let us not forget about something constant in your kitchen Gas cookers. Be it a light snack or a full heavy dinner, Gas cookers provide immediate heat and better control than electric burners. Some debates always occur while you are planning to buy new cooktops, as we see a range of cooktops like Gas cookers, electric cooktops, and induction cooktops. If this confuses you as well, this article might help to get rid of your confusion.

Gas Cookers Vs Electric Cooktops

While gas cookers provide us the accessibility of changing temperature instantly, moving from high to low heat with just the turn of a knob, the electric cooktops’ heating elements on the other hand respond very slowly. While this is the major drawback the other major concern is the price difference between the two. Electric cooktop is costlier than the gas cookers. Some electric cooktops with smooth tops having a glass-ceramic surface is a poor heat conductor, resulting in slow heat transfer. Also, such glass-ceramic surfaces scratch very easily.

Gas Cookers Vs Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops altogether need different utensils for cooking. While in gas cookers you don’t need to purchase other special utensils, whereas, when changing from gas cookers to induction cooktops you might need to change every signal cooking utensil in your kitchen. As a result induction cooktops might become costlier than a gas cooker. Additionally in gas cookers provides an easily controllable flame that is useful for roasting and stir-frying that is done in a traditional rounded-bottom wok.

While in gas cookers roasting and working on woks is not a problem, on the other hand in induction cooktop none of these can be done. So, no roasted bell peppers or toasted tortillas. Also, you can scratch the induction cooktops with vigorous pan shaking. Try avoiding lower-quality cookware with loose-fitting handles, lightweight lids, uneven bottoms, or poorly clad layers of metal as these can vibrate in a high-frequency oscillation of the induction cooktop’s magnetic field that might result in the generation of noise.

So, it’s quite clear that now you should start searching for the best gas cooker rather than searching for which kind of cooktop you should buy. There are many gas cookers brands nowadays that you can find online and choose the best gas cooker that suits your budget needs and the kind of cooking you do. There are a lot of gas cooker brands and different kinds of gas cookers that you can choose from below mentioned:

  • Standing Pilot – Flame constantly burns under the cooktop, but standing pilot consumes a lot of energy than other gas cookers.
  • Electric Ignition – These are the most common type, electric spark products the flame which can be regulated by the knob on the stove.
  • Sealed burners – These types might not transfer heat as much as the other two but the burner is surrounded by bowls that catch spills and debris. They are much easier to clean than the other two types ofgas cookers.

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