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5 Kitchen design & décor trends for 2021


Need ideas for your new kitchen? Or are you remodeling your existing space to have a more functional kitchen? Either way, you will need the right mix of ideas and trends. There are some amazing design & installation services, which can transform your kitchen into something that you deeply desire, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In Quebec, local businesses like Cuisine au Sommet have the best contemporary solutions for new-age homeowners. For your help, here is a look at the best kitchen décor and design trends for 2021. 

  1. Bring the blue. Moroccan-inspired interior themes are everywhere, and it is not surprising that the trend is a winner in the kitchen too. While white and gray themes are still in vogue, blue is a closet winner for many, because it brings in color and depth in many ways. You can go for the brighter blues, matched with white and a touch of yellow.
  2. Built-in Appliances. Not the most recent kitchen trend, but built-in appliances are functional and extremely aesthetic. The idea is simple – Appliances don’t have to be on show. You can talk to the cabinetry installation service, and they can customize everything based on your own needs. The good news is your kitchen will look way more organized and cleaner. 
  3. Open cabinets. Interior decorators are now advocating a balance between closed cabinets and open shelves. If you have amazing crockery and glassware, just get everything in sight. You can add mirrors to the background of these shelves, to add an illusion of space and shine. 
  4. Dual tones. Instead of going all white or a mix of many colors, homeowners are actually opting for dual-toned themes. A few of the classic combinations include white & gray, white & blue, white & yellow, and white & steel. You don’t need a lot to create a theme that stands out. 
  5. Backsplash love. The focus on backsplashes continues. You can find all sorts of options to create a theme that works with the rest of your interiors. Besides tiles and marble, you can consider painted glass, or even something more unique such as sandstone or limestone. 

A perfect kitchen is the one that’s easy on the eyes and easier to maintain. You don’t want to invest in kitchen cabinets that would a cleanup every couple of days. Think of how you intend to use the space, before taking a call, or discussing with the installation service. 

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