7 Cleanup Tips From Experts Following A House Fire


A house fire, no matter how small, can result in a great deal of damage. While of course, the first thought is to ensure the fire is contained and that everyone is safe and out of harm’s way, the matter of cleaning up and recovering will always be a close second thought.

Here are a few tips from the disaster cleanup, Boise, ID experts that will come in handy in case of a fire at your home:

Tip #1: Ensure The Building Is Safe First

While we all know that the longer smoke damage is left unattended, the harder it is to remove, this does not mean you should rush to start cleaning right away. Before anything else, make sure that the fire and any embers are well and truly out to prevent reigniting the fire.

The fire inspector or firefighters will give you the all-clear if it is safe to enter the building or home.

Tip #2: Wear Protective Clothing

When allowed to enter the premises, make sure to protect yourself by wearing long-sleeved shirts, pants, masks, protective eyewear, gloves, and boots. Wearing protective clothes limits your exposure to hazardous chemicals, soot particles, and other potentially dangerous situations inside the building.

Tip #3: Increase Airflow And Ventilation

As soon as it is safe to go around the building, shut off the HVAC to prevent soot, ashes, and chemicals from spreading. Open all of the windows and doors to increase the airflow and to let fresh air circulate freely. Before using the HVAC system again, replace all the air filters to ensure no particulates travel via the air ducts.

Tip #4: Dispose of All Fire And Smoke-Damaged Food

Check all food containers for any signs of smoke or fire damage. Open containers should be thrown away as well as canned goods that have been exposed to high temperatures. When it comes to food, the general rule is: if you are unsure of its state after the fire, throw it out.

Tip #5: Inspect Electronics Before Using

Exposure to fire and heat can damage electronics. If they show signs of charring or there is soot present, it is best to dispose of these items. Just like food, when you are unsure of the state of these electronics, it is in your best interest and safety to throw them out.

Tip #6: Mix Cleaning Agents Carefully

It is a challenge to thoroughly clean soot and other signs of fire damage, but it is possible. Just remember to use the right mix of cleaning agents as too much chemicals will result in further damage whereas not enough cleaning agent has no effect at all.

Tip #7: Call The Experts For Assistance

For large scale fires that have resulted in serious damage, calling in the disaster cleanup, Boise, ID experts is the best course of action. The cleaning experts have all the tools, equipment, training, and knowledge to safety cleanup the building while also ensuring amazing results with very little damage.

Calling the experts for help is the best way to guarantee fire damage is dealt with as soon as possible.

When you have to deal with disaster cleanup, Boise, ID, let our team at American Cleaning Service help you. We know it can be a nightmare but let our experts deal with it. Contact us today!

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