7 Things You Must Do To Prepare Your Roof For Winter


As temperatures begin to drop because the season is about to change from a comfortable Fall to frigid Winter, there’s more to do that just bundle up. The local roofing contractor Hanover PA based experts want homeowners to prepare not just themselves for Winter, but also their homes, most especially the roof.

Long before you start planning this year’s Thanksgiving feast and Christmas decorations, your first priority is to prepare the roof. Follow this quick checklist from the pros to ensure your roof is ready for the cold months ahead:

1 – Schedule A Cleanup

Fall brings in a lot of leaves, twigs, and debris and they tend to settle on the roof. Long before the temperatures reach freezing and the snow starts to fall, the roof should be cleaned of any debris. Hire a roofing contractor Hanover PA company to ensure the roof is free of any damaging debris.

2 – An Outdoor Inspection Is Next

While the pros are cleaning up the debris, also request for a quick roof inspection. This way they can determine if your roof needs any repairs and get them done before winter arrives.

3 – Check The Attic

Homes that also have an attic positioned directly under the roof must inspect the indoor conditions as well. Signs such as a leak, sunlight seeping through the cracks, and water damage indicate that the roof requires immediate repairs.

4 – Clean The Gutters

Aside from the roof itself, the gutters should also be cleared. Debris that gather on the gutters is additional weight that can lead to damage when snow and ice settle on the gutters. If you are not worried about heights, this can be done quickly. Otherwise, hire professional gutter cleaners or your trusted contractor to clear the gutters before it starts to snow.

5 – Replace Broken Shingles

Missing and curled shingles are signs of roof damage. The moment your contractor mentions shingle issues, approve repair or replacement requests right away. Leaving broken shingles unfixed throughout the Winter will only lead to more damage in the future.

6 – A Chimney Sweep

Houses that have chimneys should also request their contractors to do a spot check on the condition of the chimney. It is best to know about any damages and concerns before the snow starts so that they can be addressed right away.

7 – Monitor The Roof During Winter

When Winter finally arrives pay close attention to the state of your roof. Most especially if the snow melts and turns to ice because this will cause serious damage. If this is the case on your roof, call your local contractor for assistance as soon as possible.

Call The Pros Now

The Winter months are fast approaching and the time to act is now. Do not wait until the snow starts to fall to do something about your roof and its condition. Local roofing contractors are more likely to accept cleaning and repair jobs when the weather is fair as it will not affect their work and progress.

Prepare for winter and contact the best roofing contractor Hanover PA today. WF Schmidt Construction Company can help you install, repair, or replace your residential or commercial roof.

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