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A Detailed Guide to Help You Decorate Your Room from Scratch


Looking up 3 BHK flats for sale, picking the right project, working tirelessly with a real estate expert from a site like Blox, getting the finances in order, negotiating with the developer to get a good deal, and signing the dotted line – you have come a long way in realising your dreams of owning a beautiful home. It’s now time for the fun part. Decorating your home, at least your personal room to match your aspirations, is something everyone cherishes. Here is a detailed guide that will help you.

  • Off with the old – A new house is a blank canvas. It is your chance to get the home of your dreams without being weighed down by all the old pieces of furniture and decor items. Take the opportunity to give away, resell, and auction off all the old pieces. Keep a few well-chosen pieces that you may have a sentimental attachment to but try to look for a new coordinated look for your new room.
  • Visualise – One of the fundamental mistakes most people make when decorating their rooms is picking a wall colour first. The very first thing you must do is put together an inspiration board, a portfolio, and a visual portfolio of the look you want for your room. Look up magazines, Esty, Instagram, and Pinterest for inspiration. Once you have a clear vision, pick a theme and colour scheme for your room.
  • Design rules – Now that you have a colour scheme, it is time to look for the right tone for your room. This is where you need to dip into your own personality and attitude rather than go with popular, often temporary, trends. Pick a style – contemporary, vintage, chic, plush, or futuristic. With your style and theme in place, you can look for décor pieces and furniture to match.
  • Space planning – The one thing we are always short on, particularly if you own a flat in Mumbai, is space. Your room is a reflection of your mind and your personality. What you do not want is for it to look cluttered. This means you must have some smart space planning tools. Research space-saving furniture, multipurpose pieces, using vertical spaces, and easy organisational tools for a clean and free-flowing place. You may want to consult a decorator if you feel stuck at this stage.
  • Start shopping – Now that you can clearly visualise your room décor needs, it is important to look for furniture and décor pieces that fit into the dream. Sometimes you may need to get pieces crafted, and some you can pick off the rack from a showroom. Be selective in your choice and leave impulsive shopping behind. Remember, this is your new home, and these pieces are here to stay.
  • Go with the flow – The one place where you can let your imagination run wild is when you go upholstery shopping. Cushions, rugs, throws, curtains – go as jazzy or glamorous as you want. These add an essential element of fun and colour to the room but can also be easily replaced if you want a change. It is always a good idea to consider the local weather. A cotton duree can be a great addition to any room in your Mumbai home rather than a Persian rug.
  • Do not forget to personalise – Another mistake most people make is to decorate their rooms to look like the ones from décor magazines. Your room must be a reflection of your life, your dreams, and your comfort zone. Your room should display your pictures, holidays, friends and loved ones, memorabilia, and souvenirs. And definitely a touch of your favourite colours.

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