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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Toilet Door Options In Singapore


When you think about toilet door options, one usually focuses on the typical doors that have been trending for the past few decades. When it comes to other doors of the house, we are always on the lookout for stylish and unique doors that stand out among the typical ones but seldom do we think like that when it comes to toilet doors. But the fact of the matter is that a toilet door can also help to enhance the overall interior and aesthetics. So when choosing toilet doors in Singapore, one should look at the functionality, material, and aesthetics of the door.

Here, we will be discussing some of the toilet door options, each with its advantages and disadvantages, that you might have when choosing toilet doors for your home. We will share some examples of doors by SG Gate Door Window which is a leading and competent HDB gate, HDB doors, and window supplier in Singapore. So without any further ado, let’s dig deeper into these different bathroom doors.

Aluminum Swinging Or Hinged Doors

Aluminium is a light, water-resistant, and rustproof material that makes it an excellent choice to be used for a bathroom door. It offers great sound and heat insulation resulting in greater energy efficiency and a reduction in costs. Aluminium is also good for the environment as it is a sustainable material that can be recycled. For a bathroom, usually, aluminium is used for the frame and some other material is used for the panels inside the frame.

The simplest form of an aluminium door is a swinging one that has hinges on one side which allow the swinging motion whenever it is opened or closed. As can be seen in the following image, a white aluminium frame swinging door with a gold lock and handle has been used for the bathroom.

Wooden Swinging Doors

Another type of a typical swinging door option for the toilet is the one that is made of pure wood which offers timeless class and beauty. It comes in various different shades and grains of wood which creates an elegant and sophisticated space. However, pure wood has certain disadvantages. It is quite costly as compared to other options and does not hold up well in humidity and moisture making it a less viable option for a toilet. Instead of pure wood, laminate may be used for toilet doors since it gives an appearance similar to that of a wooden one but comes at a relatively lesser price. It is also not affected that much by moisture and humidity.

Aluminum Sliding Doors

Another option that is somewhat different from a typical design is to incorporate a sliding door made of aluminium. This design not only gives a unique touch to the space but is also quite feasible for smaller spaces. As can be seen in the following image, a sliding door has two panels where one panel slides over the other when it is opened and slides back to its place when you want to close it. This saves space since it does not require that extra space for the swinging motion of a typical door. It has aluminium panels with a stainless steel frame that gives it a strong yet light structure.

Aluminum Frosted Glass Doors

Another alternate option in aluminium is to have an aluminium frame with glass or frosted glass patterns. If the clear glass is used, it can give the appearance of a French door which makes a statement by itself but obviously compromises privacy. On the other hand, if you use frosted glass for the panels, it will give a similar elegance to the one that had glass panels but will not have its privacy issue. A similar frosted glass door can be seen in the following image which creates an elegant and classy aesthetics. This kind of design can be implemented in a hinged design or in a sliding design.

Louvred Doors

Another unique statement building door that can be used for a toilet is a louvred style. This door consists of horizontal stripes or panels that are arranged in an inclined pattern parallel to each other to create a beautiful pattern. This type of door can be used in any colour of your choice. You can have the border panels in a dark shade and keep the main panel in a lighter shade to create a beautiful contrast. Or you can choose funky colours for the alternating horizontal stripes to create a fun atmosphere. However, the disadvantage of this type is that since there are air pockets between the horizontal panels, there is no heat, light, or sound insulation.

Bi-Fold Doors

Another cool and out of the ordinary toilet door design involves a bi-fold structure where there are two panels of the main structure with tracks on its frame that allow free movement of the pivots on the top and bottom. When these pivots move over the track, the door collapses or widens according to how it is pushed.

These kinds of doors take up less space and also create a unique appearance. As an example, consider the following image of a bi-fold design where the two panels collapse over each other when it is to be opened. Again, you have many options of creating patterns on the panels or painting it in a colour of your choice to blend them with the rest of the interior.

Multi-Fold Doors

Similar to a bi-fold design is a multi-fold design in which there are multiple panels of the door as opposed to two panels for the bi-fold one. The working and movement of these multiple panels are the same as the bi-fold panels with the pivots moving over the track of the frame on the top as well as the bottom. This multi-fold option can be used if you have a wide opening for the bathroom. Although it looks beautiful and trendy, this kind of design has the disadvantage that its track for the pivot movement is on the floor which can become a safety hazard when people can easily get tripped from them.

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