All About Vacuum Pump You Should Know


It is essential and important to know about the different functions of the vacuum pump when you are operating or designing a vacuum pump. There are different categories of vacuum pumps determined by their ranges of operating pressures. The vacuum pumps are usually classified as booster vacuum pumps or secondary vacuum pumps, primary vacuum pumps etc. These different categories of vacuum pumps are different from each other in terms of their pressure ranges along with different technologies having distinct and unique benefits for each type of pumps. The different categories of vacuum pumps have their own distinct features, the capacity of pressure, flow rate, maintenance needs, and cost or price of the vacuum pumps. However, irrespective of their differences, the operating principles of the different types of vacuum pumps are almost similar to each other. Get in touch with LeDab in order to avail the best vacuum pump out of the different categories that will be suitable for your purposes as well as affordable and durable.

The vacuum pump operates with the principle of removing the air molecules and other gas particles from the outlet portion or chamber of a vacuum pump. In the process of vacuuming, when the air pressure in the chamber gets reduced, it becomes harder to remove the additional molecules from the chamber. Eventually, as in the case of the industrial vacuum pump system, it requires a larger range of pressure varying from 1 to 10-6 Torr pressure. However, in the processes of scientific usages and researches, the pressure is normally extended to 10-9 Torr or even less than that. Therefore, many kinds of different types and styles of vacuum pumps are usually used with distinct and different ranges of pressure and operating in a series in order to accomplish the above purpose.

Eventually, the vacuum system is broadly grouped based on their pressure ranges characteristics such as rough or low vacuum to 1 torr, medium vacuum within the ranges between 1 torr to 10-3 torr, high vacuum within 10-3 to 10-7 torr, ultra-high vacuum within the pressure ranges of 10-7 to 10-11 torr, and finally, extreme high vacuum within the pressure ranges of 10-11 torr. Accordingly, the different classification of vacuum pumps are determined based on the above ranges of pressure such as the primary or the backing vacuum pump comprising low and rough ranges of vacuum pressure, the booster vacuum pumps comprising rough and low ranges of vacuum pressure, and the secondary or high vacuum pump comprising high or very high as well as ultra-high ranges of vacuum pressure. 

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