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An ultimate guide to use XLPE cables and features of 3 core flat cable


XLPE power cable means a cross-linked polyethylene and an insulated aluminium conductor armoured cable. XLPE power cables are used from low voltage to high voltage applications. It is especially suited for medium voltage range applications and it is the most common polymeric insulation material. This cable is moisture resistant and sometimes it can cause electrical failure under the influence of electrical stress.

Things to know about XLPE power cable

Markets worldwide are flooded with several varieties of power cables and the number of manufacturers has increased and the varieties available offer a good choice for customers. Consumers often find themselves in a dilemma that each available variant of the power cable has a unique feature.

If you are looking to buy XLPE power cables, and have some questions, then which blog is a perfect place for you to be? What XLPE power cables are and the settings where they should be used are discussed below:

Where should you use XLPE power cables?

These cables are manufactured using high-end machines and materials followed by extensive testing. Most of the manufacturers mean that the XLPE power cables are expensive and it should be used only in certain cases. If you want to invest the money for the right purpose, you can also buy an ordinary cable that can do the work as efficiently. Here is the list of ideal situations where the XLPE cables work well:

  • When you want very low dielectric loss
  • When you are installing in a difficult terrain
  • When you are dealing with high temperatures and voltages
  • When you are looking at low maintenance and without height limitations

Why should you use XLPE cables?

If you are looking for XLPE cables for anyone of the above-mentioned situations, then XLPE cables are the best choices that you can buy. Dealing with high currents and voltages may require you to use the best quality power cables to avoid accidents. The dielectric loss of XLPE power cables is far less than the paper of PVC insulated cables.

An overview of the 3-core flat cable

3-core flat cable is specifically manufactured to go deep inside the earth’s surface to fetch water from underground. It is capable to provide electrical energy to a submersible pump installed underwater for hostile and harsh conditions.

For trouble-free working, 3-core flat cables are important as winding wires are for the submersible pump motors. The outer portion of the 3-core flat cable is made from a grade of abrasion resistant to PVC compound impervious to oil, grease, and water.

Features of a 3-core flat cable

  • Reliable, safe with excellent wet electrical properties.
  • Resistant to abrasion and weather conditions.
  • Best quality of electrolytic grade copper.
  • Excellent electrical and mechanical properties.
  •  3-core flat cable has good insulation properties.

The bottom line

Clearly understand the above-discussed information and to know more about XLPE power cables you can search in online sites to get some idea about these topics.

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