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Best Procedures Of DIY Drain Clogs


A clogged drain occurs when the water that flows into your bathroom or kitchen sink doesn’t pass quickly. This is the growing issue facing homeowners over plumbing.

If you pass by a clogged drain at home, you should pay attention to it immediately to reduce the hassle while doing household chores in the long run.

There are also instructions on how to remove clogs at home by yourself. Some of the best do-it-yourself methods you need to use, is using a plumbing snake to clear clogged drains.

A plumbing snake is a small tube made of plastic or wire that can dislodge a clog from a pipe. It can be achieved by putting the knotted end of the snake in the drain, by twisting the handle of the snake to push it more deeply into the pipes. Try to do so before the drain stops clogging.

You can also do the hot water method, use a plumbing pipe, and use a plunger as different ways on how you can clear clogged drains.

If this still does not fit, an option such as chemical drain clearing products can also be used. While these products are a simple, inexpensive and convenient solution, if overused they can destroy your pipes. You should be very aware of the requirements of the product, and how to do so.

You can also make the product safe and environmentally friendly by combining vinegar with baking soda and by taking down the clogged drain on those products.

You can still contact a professional plumbing firm to help if those do-it-yourself solutions still don’t fit. Mr. Rooter Plumbing has the very best equipment, experts or contractors to help fix home plumbing issues.

For more details on the best procedures of DIY drain clogs, read this infographic.


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