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Buying Guide For Duvet Covers


When it comes to choosing the correct type of bedding for yourself, you must understand the difference between their various kinds and forms. However, sometimes it can be quite tricky to choose the correct type of bedding for your use. The same is with those who look for duvet covers, which are quite a common type of bedding item available in various forms. They serve multiple purposes and are available in various styles and fabric. 

A duvet, which is also called an insert, is the flat bag that is filled with feathers, wool, or any other synthetic alternative. Duvets cannot get used without the duvet cover and they require being dry cleaned, unlike the covers which can easily get machine washed. 

Duvet vs. Comforters:

People often have the misconception that comforters and duvets are similar to one another. However, they are not the same. A comforter can get used without a cover, but a duvet can never be used with a duvet cover. Duvets are best for people who love to switch over their bedding quite frequently. 

Size of Duvet Covers

Make sure you choose the correct size of duvet cover when you are investing in it. Always keep your duvet cover 1 to 2 inches larger as compared to the duvet that you are using. Here are some of the most common sizes in which duvet covers are available in the market:


  • Twin duvet covers


  • Queen or full 
  • King-size covers
  • California king duvet cover 

Styles and Fabric of Duvet Covers 

Listed below are some of the best styles and patterns in which duvet covers are available in the market. 

  • Cotton: This is the most common material that gets used in making duvet covers. They are easy to maintain and offer great breathability. King size duvet covers are available in limitless textures and patterns. For instance, you have options like combed cotton, cotton percale, Pima cotton, cotton sateen, etc. 
  • Blend Duvet Cover: This one is cotton-polyester, which is the combination of synthetic and natural fibers. If you are looking for no-iron bedding, then this type of duvet cover is the best to choose. 
  • Faux-Suede Duvet Covers: This variety of duvet cover is also available in the polyester fabric and feels like suede. These covers are easy to clean and are also affordable. 
  • Silk Covers: Queen Size duvet covers in silk material look gorgeous and elegant. They are soft and luxurious and are available in vibrant dyes. 
  • Velvet Duvet Covers: These are quite heavy covers and are perfect for the colder months. 


What Must You Look For While Buying Duvet Covers

  • Material: This one is the first thing to check while you are investing in duvet covers. Choose the one that offers quick cleaning and more breathability. 
  • Closure: Several duvet covers offer button closures, but the ones with zipper closures are the most convenient to use. Buttoned duvet covers have a traditional look as compared to the zipper ones. So, finally, it depends on your convenience when it comes to choosing between the two. 
  • Instructions for Care: Be it cal king duvet covers or any other type of duvet covers, always check the care instructions while you purchase one. 

At Pushplinen, you get a gorgeous variety of duvet cover, which is ideal for transforming your bedroom. They are perfect to match the personality and taste of different buyers and are available in the most premium qualities. The looks of the covers are sophisticated and stylish and you can choose any size starting from queen to cal king. 


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