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Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles: The latest Trends You Should Know About


Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles have been ruling the market for years now. They have some wonderful advantages that make them the number 1 contender when it comes to floor and wall tiling. Their demand has increased that has, in turn, challenged the creativity of tile designers.

People have started having a new outlook towards the aesthetic beauty of the interiors; hence, the tiles need to look as good as stunning their qualities are. If you too are looking forward to making such a purchase, you might want to have a look at the wonderful designs of Club Ceramic tiles that are listed below. 

Most Popular Ceramic Tile Designs 

A selective few tile manufacturers and suppliers like Club Ceramic keep updating their catalogue and launching new tiles with unique designs. Some of their most popular designs that you should have a look at include the following. 

  1. Designer Tiles

Available in subtle colors and unique prints, these tiles look classy. They are best used as floor tiles as well as wall tiles. These are also quality options for damp areas like the washroom. The most spectacular collections include:

  • Ikara Empara
  • Galicha
  1. Full Body Porcelain Tiles

The best, in-trend colors in the range of full body porcelain tiles include the following. 

  • Hamburger grey
  • Pink stone
  • Albedo Satvario 
  • Filito veins 
  1. Patio Tiles

These are wonderfully textured outdoor tiles that are weather resistant and can last for years. The best and trending patio tiles at Club Ceramic include the following. 

  • Bluestone Natural
  • Arezo Charcoal
  • Hammerstone Nero 

Aside from these classifications, the range extends further in designs, make, and variety.

To begin with, you can buy polished, matte, as well as semi-polished porcelain tiles according to your likes. 

Some of the fresh arrivals that you can try are listed below. 

  • Canara white 
  • Black Sabian 
  • Venis Bianco 
  • Veto Diano 
  • Golden Satuario 
  • Black Rock

Porcelain tiles are also available as copies of natural stones. The replicas of wood, granite, and marbles are cost-effective options for people who cannot afford natural stones. A few such fantastic patterns are listed below. 

  • Wooden stripes
  • Lapoto finish 
  • Crossroad multi collection 

That said, a few noteworthy benefits of ceramic tiles that make them the most popular choice for flooring are listed below. 

  • They are water resistant 
  • They require minimal maintenance 
  • They are super affordable and long lasting 

On a parting note, they are designed in so many colors and styles so that they can complement office space as well as homes. 

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