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Choosing the Right Aircon System for Your Home or Office


Every summer, maintenance services for the aircon system is important as the demand for high aircon performance levels rise. In Singapore, there is an endless stream of companies offering high-quality services that cater to the specific needs of the aircon owners. Be it the servicing, damage repairs or the proper cleaning services, all of these are done with the best skills and professional attitude. This is where choosing the right service for your required work becomes absolutely important.

Engaging the Right Services

When choosing the right company, you need to make sure that the company offers all kinds of support for the job at hand. When it comes to the matter of overhauling, the company needs to be specific about the cleaning and repairing works that it does. Proper care and service and being able to fulfil the client’s requirements are important when it comes to aircon servicing companies. With the right choice, you can expect the best results.

Signs That Your Aircon Needs to Be Cleaned

It may be necessary to clean your aircon more frequently than twice a year. This depends on how often the aircon is used and how polluted the city air is, since it is absorbed by the aircon and reaches the filters. Therefore, you must take note of the signs present when it is time to clean your aircon.

The most straightforward sign that your aircon needs to be checked or cleaned is when it emits an unpleasant smell after being turned on. Oftentimes, this will affect the air quality of the room and lead to the homeowners getting sick. Those affected may begin to suffer from cough, stuffy nose, headache or eye problems (stingingor teary eyes, etc.).

The Components of an Aircon System

To know how to clean an air conditioning unit, you need to know what its components are. Each component serves a different purpose and should be cleaned and maintained differently.

An aircon consists of an indoor unit (mounted on a wall, usually in the room) and an outdoor unit (which is fixed to the outside wall of the building). In turn, they consist of the following main components:

  • The outdoor unit contains a compressor, fan and condenser.
  • The indoor unit includes an evaporator, fan, air filters, and condensate trays.

The role of each component:

Compressor: Takes the coolant (freon), which is in the form of cold gas, at low pressure, compresses it and increases its temperature.

Condenser: Here, the gas heated by the compressor and now under high pressure is cooled by the fan and transformed into liquid.

Choosing an Aircon Servicing Company

Experience is vital when surveying the options. Choose a company that has long years of experiences in the aircon servicing process. Having more knowledge about the servicing processes, they are less likely to face problems when it comes to providing proper servicing. Customer satisfaction is a key part of good service and hence, you can expect the best results from them.

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