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Designing your dream kitchen: Top factors to consider!


With all that money spent on buying your new home, you are probably wondering – ‘Can I really spend on my dream kitchen?’. Contemporary homes with smaller kitchens are often hard to design. A medium to small-sized kitchen must be planned well from scratch, and there are companies like Kitchen Wholesalers that specialize in designing ready-to-assemble kitchens. The balance between function and aesthetics is the key to creating a perfect kitchen, and in this post, we are sharing a few tips that will come handy in designing yours. 

Don’t compromise on materials

That’s often the most common mistake that homeowners make – They aim to go for a sleek design, without considering what’s being used for construction. When it comes to kitchen, especially cabinetry, do not settle for anything less than solid wood. Pressed wood, although cheap, will require repairs in no time, and replacement would be a necessity in a few years. 

Don’t lose on storage space

A small kitchen requires you to make the most of walls. You have to select cabinetry that’s functional and accessible. For instance, too many storage cabins close to the ceiling may not be ideal for regular use, but you still need them to store certain things away from sight. If your appliances are going to be a part of the cabinetry design, plan rightly and ensure that the cabinets are enough for your storage needs. Pull-out drawers, open shelves must be a part of the design, if viable. 

Decide your planning process

There are two ways of designing a kitchen – You can either hire an interior expert and design everything from scratch, or else, you can consider checking ready designs, which can be further customized to meet size needs of your space. The latter may be a better idea, because you can translate an idea into a practical design. Installation companies have their own design teams, so they can guide better on the layouts. 

Don’t forget the major components

The countertops of your kitchen must be selected with two major aspects in mind – maintenance and durability. Granite, quartz, and marble are the most common choices, although granite outweighs all of the other options as far as practical use and durability is concerned. Also, consider the kind of accessories, door hardware, kitchen sink you would like. For instance, some people prefer to have two sinks. 

Focus on the space, layout and components in detail before finalizing a design!

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