Experiencing the beauty of the new construction single family homes in South Florida


Looking for new construction single family homes in South Florida? You must have searched for a lot of properties already. But, are you looking in the right place? South Florida is a tropical paradise. It is the only state in the entire United States that has amiable climate. Be it tourists or locals, everyone flocks to South Florida for its excellent weather conditions.

Living in South Florida is like a dream come true. You get everything you had always wanted for a house. Don’t worry; South Florida has houses for every budget. So, even if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg in buying a house, you can still find beautiful houses. New construction houses are the best as you will become the first owner of the house. 

But, before you set out on your house hunt, you need to keep in mind that not all the properties are the same. You need to do active research before zeroing in on the best house. First of all, let’s focus on what makes South Florida Special and why you should consider buying a house there.

Why should you buy new construction single family homes in South Florida?

  • You will not have to worry about maintenance

There is always rain or harsh sunlight in the area. So, the houses get damaged easily. Moreover, if you set out to buy a used home, you need to spend extra money on its repair and maintenance. However, if you buy a new construction house, you will have to worry less about maintenance. If you are the first owner, you will receive the house in perfect condition without any damages. And, who wouldn’t like a sparkling clean house?

  • Single family homes are cheaper than bungalows or villas. 

Single family homes in South Florida come with a lesser price than the regular bungalows and villas. So, you can save money and spend it on the interior. Or, you can even focus on the landscaping. Single family homes are perfect for vacations and private getaways when you can come with your family and enjoy the beautiful weather conditions of South Florida. Moreover, it is easy to maintain a single family home as there are fewer rooms to take care of.

  • Almost all the houses have a beachfront-view 

Imagine waking up to the beautiful sight of a beach? With a house in South Florida, you can experience the beauty of beaches and sunrises every day. There are pristine white sand beaches along the coastal line. The views are serene and you will not find such homes anywhere else in the United States. Moreover, if you want to escape the cold winters of the rest parts of the US, you can come to the tropical climate of South Florida.

The best new construction homes in South Florida

If you are wondering what the homes in Florida look like, here is a little tour. We have listed some of the best new construction single family homes in South Florida along with their important details and price tag. 

  • 13718 88th PI N, West Palm Beach, FL 33412

Spread over an area of 4,266 square feet, this house has been recently constructed. The estimates price for the house is around $373,959. It’s a three bedroom, two bathrooms, and a garage. The house can still be customized to include extra bedrooms and bathrooms. So, if you want to customize the property, you can do it easily. It has central cooling and heating features. The house is meant for single family so you can shift here easily. There are 2 spaces for parking where you can park your car. The house is ready for sale and you can buy it after viewing the papers. 

  • 413 SW 15th Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444

It is an exquisite house spread over an area of 1,200 square feet. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is a new construction home and is meant for a single family. The house has been built according to modern architectural designs and has a large front yard. It is located near the Delray Beach and is in completely new condition. There are granite countertops in the kitchen and the floor is tiled throughout. A spacious master suite is the best feature of this house. All the rooms are fit with cabinets.

  • 18269 Falling Rock Dr, Land O Lakes, FL 34368

The property stands on a magnificent area of 5,749 square feet and the area of the house itself is 2,797 square feet. For such an expansive house, you need to pay only $307,990. It is a single family home in South Florida and is a new construction. There is central cooling and heating system throughout the house. There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms in the house. You get a large area for lawn, backyard, and garden as there is enough space on every side of the home. Take a tour of the house and contact the builders for additional information before signing the deal. 

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