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Five easy ways for sewer blockage clearing


All drainage of our house runs into the sewer system of our house. Whether the drain is a sink, shower, or toilet, it joins the sewer lines out of your house. If the sewer is blocked, it can lead to lots of issues. It can lead to different strange noises, smells, and slow flushing drain. For people who don’t know how to unblock sewer pipes and don’t know how to clean them, the task may seem too challenging.

To help you in this situation, we have come up with some of the best options that can help you in sewer cleaning:

Clean it regularly

If you want the sewer line to be clean and clear always, it is important to clean it at regular intervals. You can choose a good enzyme cleaner to get rid of the stuck particles in the line. Different types of enzymes are designed to help you get rid of different types of material. Thus, make the choices accordingly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the product to clean the drain and sewer line.

Use baking soda and vinegar.

Baking soda and vinegar are the perfect product to help you get rid of the clogged sewer line. A chemical reaction takes place by mixing both these ingredients. The reaction that you will get is foamy and bubble. The bubbles will help in scraping away grease that may be causing the clogging. Drains and sewer lines are prone to be clogged because of the build-up over time. Thus, use these products if you want to get rid of sewer blockage instantly.

Flush the lines

If you are not dealing with a clog, you can easily clean the line by flushing it with high-density water. Whale flushing the dirt, make sure to add a drain cleaner inside the water. But, if you have clogs in the sewer line, flushing may not be a perfect idea. Thus, when you are flushing it, make sure that the line is not clogged.

Preventive cleaning

Preventive cleaning is another best option that can help you in sewer cleaning spokane wa. You don’t need to wait for the drains and sewers to get clogged for cleaning. Try to go for regular cleaning by using baking soda and other cleaning agents. You can also use citrus products to help in the cleaning of drains.

Look for professional cleaners.

If you are not efficient enough to clean the drains and sewers, you can also try to get help from professional cleaners for maximum benefits. Look for a sewer cleaning company that comes up with specialized equipment for cleaning drains. Some types of clogs are not easy to clean. In this case, the help of professional cleaners is desirable.

So, follow all these tips to clean different types of drains and sewer lines in your home. These are few ways of clearing blocked sewer pipes. If it looks severe, call in a professional plumber. In case of additional details, please do call us. We will be more than happy to help.

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