Get Help for Your Clogged Plumbing

Get Help for Your Clogged Plumbing

Clogs and blockages can be an issue. Learn how to resolve the problem

Your drains are a vital part of your plumbing system.

Drains are not limited to your skin, bathtub, and shower. Did you know your toilet has a drain?

While the majority of the time your drains function properly, over time clogs can form.

Suddenly, the water isn’t draining and you are left with a disgusting mess.

Thankfully, blocked drains Perth are a relatively easy fix with help from a professional plumber.

So, how does a drain plumber in Perth resolve the problem? The answer depends on the type of clog and its location.

Manual and Motorized Snakes

Don’t worry, a drain plumber in Perth isn’t going to bring a live snake into your home.

A plumber’s snake is a simple tool also referred to as a drain auger. It’s a slender rotating tool plumbers use to bore through stubborn clogs.

Drain augers are either manually operated or motorized. The type your plumber uses typically depends on the location of the clog.

Manual augers are effective at removing clogs close to the drain’s opening. It can be used on sink, tub, shower, and toilet drains.

Clogs that are located 10 feet or further in the pipes often require using a motorized drain snake.

Motorized snakes can typically reach clogs down to 150 feet. Think of tree roots in the drain or sewer lines, along with large clumps of grease and food debris. Motorized augers are also effective at cleaning out clogged sewage lines.

What is Hydro-Jetting

A drain plumber Perth may recommend using a hydro-jetting machine.

While this drain cleaning method isn’t effective on older pipes with rust or corrosion, it can easily remove large stubborn clogs deep in the water lines.

The machine releases powerful streams of water, sometimes up to 35,000 pounds per square inch. It’s a lot of pressure being sent down your drains, which is why your plumber will inspect the condition of the pipes before recommending this method.

You don’t want the water jet to break through the pipe walls. It will only cause additional problems that require immediate repair.

Not only can hydro-jetting break through stubborn clogs, but it will also wash away scale build-ups on pipe walls.

When the process is completed, your drains and water pipes will look and function like new.

Since a specialized machine is required, hydro-jetting often costs more than using an auger.

When to Use a Camera

You may notice your plumber inserting a small waterproof camera down the drain.

The camera is doing more than taking pictures. It is relaying the precise location of the clog. The camera can even help the plumber identify the type of clog.

Sometimes, different methods are necessary to remove specific types of clogs.

The high-definition camera can also let the plumber know the condition of your pipes.

It helps to avoid potentially costly and annoying mishaps like accidentally breaking through the pipe walls.

When you notice slow-draining drains, don’t wait for it to back up. Contact a plumber today and avoid expensive repairs.

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