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5 Types of Bidets and Choosing What’s Best for You


With their ability to provide superior cleansing and a more eco-friendly approach, bidets have become a staple in bathrooms around the world. Whether you’re concerned about personal hygiene, environmental impact, or simply looking for a more comfortable bathroom experience, these fixtures offer a range of options to suit your needs. To find the perfect one, here are 5 types of bidets to help you in choosing what’s best for you, taking into account both practicality and personal preference.

1. Bidet toilet combos

Bidet toilet combos, also known as smart toilets or integrated bidet toilets, represent the epitome of bathroom innovation. These all-in-one fixtures combine a toilet and a bidet into a single unit, offering a seamless and comprehensive hygiene solution. They often come with a wide array of features, like self-cleaning nozzles, adjustable water pressure, air deodorizers, and even built-in nightlights.

Having a bidet and toilet in one unit will simplify your daily routine due to their customizable settings that cater to various preferences, making them suitable for households with different members. While bidet toilet combos require a larger upfront investment and potentially professional installation, the functionality and comfort are worth every penny.

2. Electric bidet seats

Electric toilet bidet seats are an excellent choice to replace your existing toilet seat and have a variety of new features, including adjustable water temperature and air drying. The heated seat feature is particularly appealing, providing a cozy and welcoming feeling that turns a mundane bathroom visit into a pleasurable one. Some of the other features are a deodorizer, multi-color lighting, feminine wash, massage function, posterior wash, and many others, including user presets.

Moreover, electric bidet seats often include a remote control, so they are simple and easy to use — literally with the touch of a button. If you are thinking about getting a toilet bidet, this type may be the simplest solution for those who are looking for a high commodity and affordable price range in one.

3. Non-electric bidet seats

Non-electric bidet seats, also called mechanical bidet seats, provide a budget-conscious and eco-friendly alternative to electric options. These seats operate without the need for electricity, relying on water pressure and manual controls for cleansing.

One of the key benefits of non-electric bidet seats is their minimal environmental impact. By using water pressure alone, they eliminate the need for electricity consumption, reducing your carbon footprint. In addition to being a sustainable choice, their straightforward installation process and ease of use further contribute to their appeal.

4. Traditional bidet attachments

Bidet sprayers or handheld bidets, generally called traditional bidet attachments, are a space-saving solution for those looking to upgrade their hygiene experience quickly and conveniently. These attachments are installed near your toilet and are connected to the water supply, allowing you to control the water pressure and direction for a thorough cleaning.

One of the key advantages of traditional bidet attachments is their versatility since their adjustable settings accommodate individual preferences, making them suitable for people of all ages. Additionally, traditional bidet attachment is ideal for those with a small budget or lacking room to make adjustments for a more complex installation.

5. Portable travel bidets

Portable travel bidets provide a convenient solution to maintain hygiene while away from home. These compact devices are designed to be filled with water and used for cleansing after using public restrooms or during outdoor activities. Of all types here, these are the most sustainable alternative to using toilet paper or relying on disposable wipes, contributing to a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

They can easily fit into a bag or purse, ensuring you have a reliable hygiene solution no matter where you are. This characteristic makes them an appealing accessory for frequent travelers, no matter if they travel to camp in nature or stay in a hotel.

In the end

Choosing what’s best for you and your toilet hygiene involves considering a range of factors, including your budget, available bathroom space, and desired features. These 5 types of bidets offer options to suit every preference and lifestyle, from luxurious options to the most rudimentary ones. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly upgrade or a high-tech experience, incorporating a bidet into your bathroom routine offers numerous benefits, including improved well-being, comfort, and environmental sustainability.

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