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How Pests and Critters Can Damage Your Roof


Australia is home to the world’s largest flora and fauna, more than 80% of which are endemic to the country. Sadly, some of them will find their way into your properties and cause significant damage to your roof.

The shade and protection your roof provides against all kinds of weather make it the perfect environment for pests to make their home—bats, birds, squirrels, possums, rats, mice, etc These pests chew, peck, and even tear off shingles and destroy the other parts of your roof in search of places to build a nest. But, their destructive behaviours don’t end there.

The Problem with Pests and Critters on Your Roof

  • They cause significant damage to your roofing system – Critters live like celebrities that don’t pick up after themselves and trash the place. They tear up and displace insulation, chew electrical wires, and damage wood and plumbing as they look for shelter and access to water. In specific, squirrels and other rodents can chew on shingles while birds can nest in gutters and leave acid droppings that can corrode wax coatings and paints.
  • They potentially carry bacteria, viruses, and diseases – Rats are infamous for spreading viruses and bacteria that cause diseases like Hantavirus and leptospirosis from their faeces, urine, saliva, or bites. Bats, on the other hand, leave droppings that are carriers of a fungus that can cause histoplasmosis—a life-threatening infection in the lungs—and to add insult to injury, most of the critters found in your roof may also carry fleas and ticks that transmit diseases to pets and humans.
  • They create fire hazards – Rats in the roof are problematic for more than one reason. These critters are also known for burrowing into your home, creating holes that leave your home susceptible to the weather. Even more dangerously, they can also chew through electrical wires, which while may not immediately start a fire, can cause problems on your electrical system down the line.
  • They cause foul odours – Pests in your roof also create foul odours due to stored food that rot or spoil, the urine and faeces they leave behind, plus the distinct smell that they give off. Whereas rats have a distinct ammonia-like smell, squirrels give off a musty odour that will eventually waft through your home. Kill them while they’re trapped somewhere and you’ll eventually smell decomposition from dead pests.

It would be impossible to completely keep pests and critters from getting near your roof. But, taking preventive measures can guarantee that the occasional invasion doesn’t become a severe roof problem. For this matter, you would have to work with a pest control specialist to get rid of the pests existing in your roof and a roofing contractor to prevent re-entry to your home.

How to Get Rid of Pests and Critters in Your Roof

  • Seal all possible entry points to limit the access of pests and critters into your roof and home, overall.
  • Keep tree branches trimmed back from your roof and the shrubs and bushes away from your walls and foundations.
  • Clean your gutters and get rid of any clutter and blockage that could serve as nests for birds or food sources for other pests.
  • Keep your rubbish bins away from your home and seal them—food waste is a feast for raccoons, rats, and other rodents.
  • Add additional layers of protection such as fencing, screens, or baits and traps.

Roof damage from animals is a serious threat in Australia. But the best roofing specialist Sydney who can provide residential and commercial roof repair services can help you out by identifying even the most inconspicuous entry points and sealing them.

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