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How beneficial are rat blockers?


Pests have always been a problem. Those sneaky little rodents manage to squeeze through anything. It’s not just annoying but also very dangerous for our health. Rats and Mice have spread over 35 diseases which are spread directly or indirectly through feces, saliva, ticks, fleas, or mites.

They have caused other problems like:

·      Foul Odor

When rats and mice sneak into a house, they urinate and defecate all over the place. This causes places to stink also leading to infections and illnesses.

·      Damage

Rodents need to constantly chew on hard surfaces like wood to keep their teeth in shape and to prevent them from overgrowing. They tend to chew on desks, cabins, etc. making holes or damaging furniture.

To prevent these things people have come up with ways to stop rodents. There are plenty of things like rat poison, rat traps, rat blockers, rat snap traps, etc.

  1. Rat blockers fit into pipes of different sizes with a 150mm rat flapand even a6 inch rat blocker that can be installed and reinstalled. Rat blockers don’t corrode and allow all the waste to pass but block rodents. What rat poison does is kill rats and mice, leaving their carcasses everywhere for you to clean up. It might not be a big deal for some people though.
  2. Rat blockers prevent rodents from entering the building in the first place. The different sizes like 150mm rat flap block ways for rats. Rat poison works fine too but in a place with kids, it’s probably not the safest measure to prevent rodents. Plus rat poison just kills the rodents instead of preventing them from getting in.
  3. Rat traps, on the other hand, don’t kill rodents but trap them. That’s a good way to deal with rodents but here’s the thing, it still doesn’t prevent them from entering and this allows them to spread germs either way. Even if rat traps are placed outside, there is no guarantee that no rodent is going to get in.
  4. Rat snap traps kill rats. This means you’ll have to throw away the dead rodent every time. Rat blockers are convenient because they come in different sizes like 6 inches rat blockers and 4 inch ones that fit in different pipes and block rodents of different sizes.

So, in conclusion, yes, rat blockers are way more beneficial. They may be a little pricey but once installed they will save you from all the dirty work and calling pest control.

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