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How to choose an aim pendant light


Pendant lights are a modern design solution for lighting an apartment. There are rooms where pendant lights are undesirable, there are those in which they fit harmoniously. Let’s figure it out.

Suspended luminaires are luminaires in which the light source is located far enough from the ceiling and is located on a wire or chain. Luminaires are in a free position due to the movement of the chain and wire. Pendant lights are convenient in that when they are installed, you can adjust the height of the wire or chain.

First of all, you must decide why an aim pendant lamp is needed in the room and in this place. The fact is that the material of the shades will also depend on where the light will be directed. In aim pendant lamps with transparent shades, it will scatter gently around the room. In luminaires with wooden or metal shades, the light will be directed straight downward, illuminating the place around it more than the rest of the room. This is also individual, because by raising the luminaire by shortening the length of the wire or chain, you can increase the illumination area, or, on the contrary, concentrate the light on a specific object by lowering the luminaire lower.

Rooms in which it is not advisable to install pendant lights:

  • Entrance hall, corridor. There is little space in them, and a lamp hanging low from the ceiling can get in the way;
  • A bathroom in which it is not advisable to use lamps with an open shade. The bathroom is very humid compared to the rest of the rooms;
  • Loggia, in which there is often also little space;

Rooms where pendant lights fit perfectly:

A study where aim pendant lamps can be used to illuminate the working area;

A kitchen in which aim pendant lights are placed above the dining table; this also includes canteens, cafes, bars. That is, places for eating, where it is important to put it in a favorable light and sufficiently illuminate;

Bedroom. Aim Pendant lights are usually located above the bed or above the bedside tables. If the bedroom is combined with a work area, then pendant lamps are also placed above the work table for sufficient lighting.

Living room, for which you can use decorative lamps, or lamps of diffusing light. The fact is that not obliged to adhere to a strict design, aim pendant lamps abound in a huge variety of shapes. The design decision to hang an aim pendant replica of an unusual, fantastic look instead of a traditional chandelier is becoming more and more popular.

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