How To Display Clothes In A Store To Attract Customers


In Latin America, the saying “what is not exhibited is not sold” is well known and in retail, it’s a valid phrase, especially if it is about displaying clothes in a store. Find out why here!

The fashion industry is an accelerated business that changes every six months along with the seasons, new styles and colors are popular in the spring, but then they are replaced by something completely different in the fall.

I you’ve got a clothing store, you must be updated with the latest fashion trends and above all have very clear the strategy to implement to display clothes in a store, since running a boutique is more than just hanging clothes in a shelf. London shop fitters can be of great help to make your shop presentable.

Choosing the appropriate merchandise for your fashion store and valuing it properly are essential steps to success. Nevertheless, they are just two of the many keys to enhancing sales.

You must show the products in a way that increases the possibilities of purchase, which means you equally need a proper fitting for your shop (shop fitters London is a good option). Prosperous retailers have uncovered several basic marketing techniques that you can integrate into your fashion outlet to increase revenue and profits.

Recommendations On How To Display Clothes In A Store

Create an Appropriate Flow

With the increase of buyers passing through your fashion store, the more clothes they might want to check, which could stimulate impulse purchases, which is why it is advisable to design the shop in a way which entices customers to navigate around your store.

Place the best-selling items on the back section, or place the box there — alternate their aisles rather than creating rows of equal length for customers to move.

You may already have discovered this being done by grocery stores, reorganize your fashion outlet every four months so that regular customers cannot go directly to the clothing they’ve visited to buy.

Use Of Clothing Display Equipment

Use various equipment to display clothes, such as tables, mannequins, aisle shelves, floor shelves, bulletin boards, cabinets, wall shelves, and kiosks.

For example, mannequins allow customers to see specific attire and items they aim to promote. Then, customers navigate to a table or shelf to choose the correct color and size of the thing they want to buy.

Vertical Merchandising

Vertical marketing is a system of stacking products, top of each other in order to optimize cross-shopping.

A method to utilize vertical marketing is to arrange groups of items which go inline in exhibits, like men’s fashion items, casual wear, sportswear, or those that have seasonal discounts.

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