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How to Fix an Uneven Kitchen Cabinet Door


If you have a kitchen Cabinet Refacing Oceanside door that’s uneven, don’t worry! There’s an easy fix for this common problem.

Remove the cabinet door.

To remove the door, you’ll need to remove the screws and hinges. You can do this by hand, but it’s best to use a screwdriver. The hinges will be on one side of your cabinet door, while all of your screws should be on the other side.

Once you’ve removed all of these pieces from around your kitchen cabinet door and set them aside, take hold of both sides (or top/bottom) of this piece and gently pull off from its frame in order to reveal what lies behind: another door! This is where things get tricky when trying not to damage either side during removal process; if possible, try using gloves or some kind of protective barrier between yourself while handling these pieces so as not damage anything else inside there too badly during removal process.

Clean and sand the door.

You’ll want to clean the door before sanding it. You can use a damp cloth, but if you have time and are feeling ambitious, you can also use some mild soap and water to clean off any smudges or fingerprints on your cabinet doors. Once they’re dry, use a sanding block (or hand sander) to remove any imperfections in the finish of your cabinet door.

If you don’t have a sanding block handy, don’t worry! You can also just run over them with your hand sander instead–just make sure not to press down too hard when doing so! Just remember: If there’s any dust left behind from all this cleaning and sanding, it could ruin your new even coat of paint when applied later on down this process.”

Stain or paint the door.

There are a few different ways to fix an uneven cabinet door. The first is to stain or paint the door so that it matches the rest of your cabinet. This can be done with any type of stain or paint, depending on what kind of finish you want and what color your cabinets are already.

Another option is to use a wood filler product such as putty or wood putty to fill in gaps between doors and frames. You’ll want to purchase something that matches both your existing cabinets and doors so that they blend seamlessly together once finished!

Refill the screw holes.

Once you’ve filled in the screw holes with wood filler, wait for it to dry. Then sand down the filled holes until they are flush with the surface of your cabinet door.

Replace the hardware.

When the door is not hanging properly, it’s likely that the hardware is not holding the door tight enough. To fix this, replace the screws with longer ones of the same type and color as your existing hardware. If you don’t have matching screws, try to find something similar–it doesn’t need to be exact!

You may also want to consider adding more than one screw at each location if your current hardware isn’t strong enough or has been installed incorrectly (for example: through drywall instead of into studs).


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how to fix an uneven Cabinet Refacing Brea. If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to visit our website Mr. Cabinet Care.

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