How to give different codes to different waste bags and storage bags?


Assigning colour code to the waste bags will help you to recognise which holds what and the hassle of segregation and assortment gets minimised. This activity is quite interesting and worth doing for better clarity at par. Here we have discussed about which code should be given to which waste and how to enhance the quality so far. 

The quality of Bag:

The bag for collecting and accumulating the waste must be tough, strong and durable. It must be heat resistance and leaf proof. It must be free from holes and puncture to avoid littering here and there. Undoubtedly, it must be recyclable and eco-friendly – easy to decompose. 

Bag Colors:

You need to select different bright colours for different types of waste. This activity is actually recognised by the environmental agency for better disposal and quick assortment. It comes into three main colours- Blue, Brown and Green. Different colour serves different purpose based on the type of waste. Like, green colour symbolised waste collected out of non-recyclable materials. Brown coloured bins reflect garden clearance or kitchen waste. It is exclusive ofanimal waste and food waste. Blue colour denotes waste that is recyclable in nature. You can also ask for skip bins in Adelaide South

  • Blue Bags: Blue coloured bin bags includes degradable items like cardboard papers, half-filled glue, packaging materials like cartons, boxes, unwanted trays, containers, plastic bottles and many more. It also includes – disposable waste items like paper and thermo dishes, plates, spoons and bowls. 
  • Brown Bags: The brown bags majorly contain all the green waste of garden like fallen twigs, branches, rotten soil, dried leaves and flower seeds, flimsy stems and green leaves. They are easily decomposable and require approximately one week to get it churned. 
  • Green Bags: Green bags consists of all the items that can be recycled easily. They may generate toxic waste and chemicals in turn. It includes- Rubbers, plasters, Bricks and soil. 

Storage Bins:Storage bins comes into existence when the hazardous or harmful items can be stored easily. They are binded with safety measures and so. Thus, they need to be penetrated in storing and accumulating those materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable by nature. These skip bins in Adelaide South may include empty bottles of chemicals, storage bottles, aerosols, thinners, diluents, by-products of petroleum and many more. They could be very harmful when comes to proper disposition. In that case, you need to hire a professional skip bins in Adelaide South for safe decomposition and thorough cleaning of waste. 

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