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Kitchen Decorating Ideas That You Must Know


in many families, the kitchen is considered to be a dream room. People look forward to decorating it beautifully to feel relaxed while cooking. However, some people get confused when it comes to decorating your kitchen. Let us glimpse some of the best kitchen decorating ideas (ไอ เดีย ห้อง ครัว, which is the term in Thai) that you must know.

· Modern Kitchen

The sleek kitchen idea of the modern kitchen can maintain the luxuriousness and modernity of the kitchen. Looking for a modern kitchen design? Kitchenate’s dry kitchen design services can help you achieve a minimalist look.

· Wood Decoration

The wooden kitchen provides a fresh, comfortable and warm look simultaneously.

· White Effect

Using white in your kitchen can make it look clean and free. Especially kitchens with little floor space can use this idea to enhance the look.

· Marble Kitchen

Using marble in your kitchen can provide you with a luxurious atmosphere. It can also help your kitchen look outstanding.

· Nordic Kitchen

The nordic style kitchen is inspired by European decoration. It mainly focuses on nature and the environment. If you want to feel comfortable and yet look warm, you can choose colours, including light grey, brown and white, from the colour palette

· Brick Style

Brit is an element that can aestheticize the space. For instance, using breaks to decorate the kitchen walls for the counters can make your kitchen look unique.

· Vintage

The vintage kitchen can remind you of the nineties. The right colour scheme can give it a feeling of a charming and old look. Especially the use of warm orange and pale green can make the whole atmosphere vintage.

· Luxury Kitchen

To have a luxurious vibe in your kitchen, you can have a dining table and counters in all ivory white. The usage of marble can make it look more luxurious.

· Small Kitchen

Home with limited space has small kitchen ideas. To save space, you can choose furniture that helps you store many things. For instance, you can use the dining table to eat. At the same time, if you have a storage compartment on your dining table, it can see a lot of your space.


The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your house. Its purpose includes cooking and is also a family dining room. As you decorate the kitchen with various ideas, it will immediately increase the look of the kitchen. At the same time, it can alleviate the kitchen’s atmosphere while letting the members have a happy meal.

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