Perfect steps to take care of your Coex decking on your own


Decking may not be difficult to maintain. You just need to ensure that you follow proper methods when performing this task on your own. Harsh chemical solvents should never be used. Harsh scrubbing or sanding also may never be advisable.

  • Each element that gets accumulated on the decking should be treated in a different way.
  • If you are unaware of performing the task on your own then you can seek expert assistance.
  • You always have to make use of eco-friendly solvents and cleansing agents.

Coex decking is made up of quality wood and so they need proper care on a regular basis. here below you will find some such effective methods that can be used to take care of your decking on your own.

Accumulated debris and dirt

Debris and dirt can get accumulated very often. In most cases, mild broom activity can help take care of this issue. In case you clean decking once a month then you may have to make use of a hose. Water and soap solution is also an ideal choice to remove the accumulated dirt and debris.

Soft bristle brush should be used so the decking does not get damaged.

Water stains

If you outdoors receive hard water then over a period of time it could develop white stains. These stains should be treated very carefully. You can make use of a lime solution to get rid of the water stain marks.

There are a number of lime cleansers available in the market. You just have to ensure that you have selected something that is mild to concentrate.

Calcium or chalk lines

In most cases, chalk marks are considered as permanent marks and so removing them may not be so easy. You should look around for a solvent that can be used to remove these marks effectively.

Debris tans

Once the debris has been removed then there are chances that it could leave back tarnish marks. The marks should be removed gently using moist cloth so it does not damage the decking floor. oxalic acid is one of the most effective agents that can help perform this task.

Always keep in mind that you should only make use of oxalic acid that is mild in strength.

Snow and ice

Whenever clearing the accumulated snow and ice from the decking you should only make use of a plastic shovel. Using a metal or wooden shovel may damage the decking.

Coex decking should be treated with utmost care so you can continue using it for many years in your future.

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