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Reasons to Hire an ISA for Your Real Estate Business     


The real estate business majorly functions with the help of effective lead generation. Most real estate agents spend significant time looking after leads and reacting to new inquiries. The constant need to give attention to meeting your client’s needs and seeing transactions go through without a hitch with current clients can significantly impact other aspects of your real estate business. For your agency to work smoothly, it is crucial to set in order all processes, from market analysis to maintaining contact with people, for a smooth flow of leads. This is where the role of real estate ISA comes into play.  

If you are unsure whether your agency needs an inside sales agent, keep reading to find out why it’s always best to hire one.

What is a Real Estate ISA? 

An inside sales agent in real estate is typically a fully licensed salesperson who uses cold calling to create new prospects. An ISA agent works most effectively by maintaining current leads till the customer is prepared to actively participate in the selling or buying process, notwithstanding the ease with which leads can be generated through marketing. 

Responsibilities of Inside Sales Agent

Depending on the details of their employment responsibilities, they might take incoming calls and use cold-calling strategies. To obtain fresh leads, evaluate inbound prospects, and perform other comparable jobs, they typically communicate by phone, email, and other remote platforms. 

Your needs will be considered while determining your inside salesperson’s exact duties. However, tasks typically fall into three categories: qualifying leads, prospecting, or following up.

The process of lead qualification entails getting in touch with incoming leads that arrive from various sources. Open homes,  marketing on social media, farming postcards, posters, and even on your personal website are all potential options. 

The ISA can qualify leads through this initial interaction. Frequently, qualified leads are entered into a CRM system so your customer representatives can follow up with the required questions. 

Before they are converted, leads of both qualified and unqualified may require repeated follow-ups. The inside sales agent is in charge of communicating, responding to inquiries, and otherwise nurturing leads. 

How Can One Find Qualified Inside Sales Agents?

How and from where can you find the best candidate when you’re expecting a lot from your agent of inside sales? 

You must first create a recruitment plan. You might need to broaden your search by placing an advertisement on college job boards, including the typical online job boards.

College students looking for work are frequently enthusiastic, willing to learn, and prepared to do whatever it takes to gain money. Contacting the hiring staff at your brokerage business is an additional suggestion.

Some present agents could have trouble in a mission-only function and be prepared to go to a different position with some guaranteed income. Additionally, a wonderful place to start your search is career fairs. 


A significant step in the development of your company is hiring a qualified real estate ISA. While you shouldn’t hurry into this decision before you’re ready, waiting too long can hurt your business’s revenues and capacity to provide customers with the services they need.

Now can be the ideal moment to begin your search because it can take some time to locate a candidate that is a good fit for your real estate company. 

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