Safety of your family includes safety from diseases


As a family person it is your duty to keep your family members safe. Now safety if family members dies not only mean providing safety from Intruders but it also means providing safety from diseases and health issues in the first place. Like for example, as per the recent reports from world health organization one of the most common diseases that children face these days are digestive system related. And if you read the detailed report of WHO you will notice that they are cutting bad quality of water as the main reason for digestive health related problems on children in the first place.  As per the global reports by the end of 2040 more than a million people are about to die every year due to bad quality of water. Now this water not only includes drinking water or cooking water but it also includes water used for washing and bathing.

What threat does municipal water supply line posses to your health?

Now if you are a subscriber if the municipal water supply then make no mistake but you and your family are much likely to develop water related health issues than any normal people. It is because if the fact that the containers on which municipal corporations store their water are not cleaned on a regular basis. And even if the containers are cleaned the pipe lines are never cleaned. So there are much more chances of dissolving adulteration than in normal ground water. So what can you do in case you face this problem is that you can install whole house water softener for better convenience.

How the whole house water purification system works?

Now when it comes to the topic of whole house water purification systems there is only one company on which you can rely on and that is springwell. Springwell has launched their new CF1 filtration system. This new water purification system is capable of purifying 1000000 gallons of water in one go. The filter system is a 4 layer filtration system with first layer removing soil and sand particles with the help of 5 micron filter paper. The second chamber has a KDF bed which helps in removing heavy metal salts and particles. The third chamber has an organic coconut shell which helps in getting rid of organic compounds and materials. And the last chamber helps in removing channeling in water supply. So with this new filtration system from springwell you get the efficiency and effectiveness you deserve. Not only heavy metals or organic compounds but this filtration system is also capable of removing harmful pesticides and herbicides from the water supply. Springwell is currently giving out a discount on the price of this product by selling it at under $800. On the other hand springwell is also providing lifetime warranty for this particular product.

How convenient is the uv radiation water treatment chamber?

Apart from the CF1 filtration system Springwell is also selling the new UV water treatment equipment as well. With the help of this product you can very easily get rid of different microbes like viruses and bacteria. The UV radiation treatment chamber along with the CF1 filtration model gives all round protection to your water supply line.

Know more about the filtration system from springwell website

So if you are interested in buying whole house water filtration system from the house of springwell then make sure you visit their official website. To know more about the product and springwell’s services pay a visit to their official portal.

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