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The acrylic box with aluminum frames is about 4cm wide, and the framing of the shower area, provided by the ceramic, should be at least this thickness (counted from the undercut of the box on the floor), so that it does not remain. It cracks between the aluminum frame and the wall without ceramic. The tempered glass case is less thick, and a framing of just over 2cm is sufficient. You can check this website for the best choices now.


This is another stage of finishing, which can be equally expensive or even surprising in price. Textured paintings, which are in vogue, are often more practical than traditional, smooth paint because they can dispense with the rush. The possibilities are endless and, funny, our pockets are not infinite as store owners think. The way is to pick up cool ideas from others’ houses and magazines.

  • For a basic, common little chick, the bill of materials is extensive. Running pasta does not differ much between brands; paints should be chosen more carefully. Ceilings typically carry non-washable matte paint, and indoors are plain to paint with washable semi-gloss paint. In addition to this basic material, you can also buy drip roller, standard roller, 180 and 220 sandpaper, thinner, ¾ and 1½ brushes, external waterproofing, face masks for the sanding phase, and masking tape for protection of areas that should not be painted (especially in case of renovation).

For the exterior of the house, it is good to pass waterproofing on the walls before the final painting. My builder convinced me to use White plaster, which caused strangeness in paint shops because it is usually only used on slabs. It is thicker than normal plasters and forms a kind of rubberized film. This waterproofing can make even white paint, while not applying the definitive paint.


Ok, the name may not be the most appropriate. But this is the phase of finishing the house: putting the doors, the windows, the bathroom fixtures, the taps, that stuff. This phase rivals that of the floor in terms of cost, and you can already consider yourself a winner if you managed to get here without selling your pants. Thousands of options, and you can even give up a little quality for the price – for example, an easily replaceable bathroom faucet need not necessarily be from Deca, which is touted as the market’s supreme juice. In terms of hydraulics, and therefore copied by all manufacturers. This phase definitely goes from everyone’s taste and pocket.

Last Words

Purchase the doors and the straighteners (frames) if they were not bought together with the portals in the plastering phase. In addition to these parts, one must remember the hinges (avoid the rusting galvanized steel ones; prefer the chrome ones), locks, small, headless nails to hold the straighteners, cobbler glue for the wood door finish laminates, paint for painted doors, sealer and varnish for varnished doors, plus a 2 inch brush. It may be necessary if the door installer does not have all the tools, a flat drill for the hinge holes and a cup saw for opening the keyholes.

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