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The first step is to structure a cleaning schedule, since, as there is no need to clean the same place several times, you must separate which environments will be visited daily and weekly. Some places and acts that can be included in the daily cleaning routine are:

  • clean the bathrooms
  • kitchen
  • entrance halls
  • tables and devices for daily use
  • take out the trash

As for the locations related to the weekly routine, you can include:

  • runners
  • stairs and elevators
  • garage or parking
  • glass, doors and gates
  • party or storage rooms

You must organize the spreadsheet according to the need of the establishment. After doing so, print copies and deliver them to contractors. This way, there will be no excessive cleaning in the ideal places for weekly visits or missing for daily. You can choose the home cleaning services to do this work also.

Divide tasks between cleaning staff

If there is no exact control of the employees’ tasks, chaos may occur in the provision of services, such as idleness in the work of one employee and overload to another. In order for this not to happen, the administrator must determine, fairly, the act that each of the contractors will perform.

Remember to also consider the time needed to perform each act, as none of the tasks can be rushed to deliver them with quality. Therefore, do not accumulate extremely complex and time-consuming functions in a single individual.

Provide all necessary materials for cleaning

A basic requirement, however, commonly overlooked by managers, is the supply and replacement of cleaning materials. Failure to do so will oblige janitors to improvise, using the wrong products or even stop cleaning. Proper cleaning means a lot of arrangement and only the professionals can offer such perfect services.

Pay attention to work safety rules

Various cleaning products are toxic, corrosive or flammable, and can put employees’ health at risk. In order to prevent accidents that cause damage to the physical integrity of employees and, consequently, possible lawsuits arising from such events, it is very important to value safety in the workplace.

Provide gloves, masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to those in charge of cleaning. These items are intended to protect users’ skin, nose and vision. Supervise the work and demand that everyone is always wearing the clothes provided when handling cleaning materials.Also instruct professionals to wash their hands thoroughly after work, as this will prevent them from accidentally ingesting or letting in contact with skin residues of cleaning products.

Outsource the cleaning service If you want to avoid headaches and circumvent all the hiring-related bureaucracy, you can simply hire a service outsourcing company that specializes in cleaning.In addition to these companies providing trained and experienced professionals, the costs are affordable, you will not bear the risk of hiring and will be able to concentrate on your core activity, as you know that cleaning is in the hands of an expert company in the area.

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