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The Reasons for Replacing Ipe Deck boards


Ipe is a popular wood for decks because it is dense and durable. An ipe wood deck can last more than 40 years when properly installed and maintained. Still, you may need to change some or all of your ipe deck boards.

Here are some of the main reasons why people replace their ipe decks at home:

The timber can still decompose despite being highly rot-resistant due to standing water, excessive moisture, fungal attacks, and other rot-causing conditions. Moreover, any clefts, fissures, or splinters in the boards allow water and fungi to enter. It will help decrease further damage if you substitute individual decaying Ipe planks.

ipe wood decking Florida should not move when positioned under proper spacing during changing climates. Nevertheless, continuous wetting and drying cycles may lead to cupping, warping, or twisting over time in the boards. The edges may appear raised or no longer be flat. You must replace twisted or cupped boards to return an even appearance that stops tripping hazards.

Nevertheless, durable Ipe wood could be; years of foot traffic will wear it out. Shifted furniture, heavy impacts like furniture being dropped on them, and pet claws scratching them, among others, lead to surface scratches and nicks. Besides, boards may also split or crack under very high heat or pressure. Replacing excessively worn-out or damaged planks is a sure way to maintain safety and beauty.

The trends in house remodeling change after every decade of ownership. The size, arrangement, or design can be changed when you remove your existing ipe decking to suit your current way of living and taste. For instance, varying width from upon board replacement or introducing different wood species is desirable.

When you have broken boards made of ipe wood removed from an ipe deck, you must replace them with their likes if you want the same structural integrity, durability, and appearance. Yet, if only a few boards must be changed too early while most are still good, finding the matching ipe in 5-10 years may be challenging. Therefore, replacing undamaged planks is also likely required.

If surface plank replacement alone cannot resolve lingering moisture troubles because there are underlying structural issues such as insufficient drainage, flashing, joist spacing, or ventilation deep, repair these correctly and then replace affected decking where necessary. It saves money upfront as only some boards are wrong instead of the entire deck. It also prevents waste since most boards are still solid and good to go.


Check all ipe boards regularly for developing issues, and address problem areas promptly by replacing affected planks. Your Ipe deck will last through generations if properly installed initially and taken care of afterward.


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