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Tips for Hiring the Best Painter and Decorator in Putney


Getting your Putney house painted is a big thing. It gives your house a completely new look. From the children’s room to the living spaces and the house’s exterior, painting can make your house feel brand new. It also covers all older marks and stains that are nearly impossible to remove. With good quality paint like VOC free paints, you can also make your house’s inside air quality healthier.

While there’s so much dependent on the house’s painting, it is also important to find the best painter and decorator in Putney.

The idea of planning the decoration of the house can be tempting, but the actual job isn’t as easy as you may think. It requires planning, strategy, budget, knowledge, experience, and much more. Hence, hiring a professional decorator can solve that problem. With the best painter and decorator in Putney, you can beautify your home in the best way. The task is overwhelming, but with a professional, it will be the best experience.

Here are five tips for hiring the best painter and decorator in Putney:

Consider their past work.

Before hiring a professional painter and decorator, look at their past projects and work. This will help you understand their style of work and if it matches your requirements or not. By looking at the before and after images, you can conclude how effective their work is and then decide.

Read their reviews

Online and offline reviews of the painter matter a lot. Consider any review you can find about the painter from their past clients. This will help you understand their quality of work and their strengths. Reviews will give you information that you didn’t have or you had missed before.

Consider recommendations

Take recommendations from your family members, friends, relatives, or colleagues about who they hired for getting their house painted and look at their work. A personal recommendation is more honest and helpful. You can also openly view the project and get a clear idea. You will be able to judge the standard and quality of work for yourself, and if any painter fits your description, you don’t have to search any further.

Payment method

In most cases, the painter and decorator take the payment after the work is done. But in case of an expensive or a larger project, the painter and decorator may ask you for an advance instalment upfront. The payment is taken in advance, mostly in costly and unique materials, paints, etc. Before hiring the painter and decorator, don’t forget to discuss the payment aspect beforehand.

Written quotes

Another major factor is to receive quotes in writing. Usually, the painter and decorator will give you the quote assuming that the walls have only one layer of wallpaper and sound. But if there is more than one layer or if they have to repair the wall, they will charge extra.

Before you hire professional painter a decorator in Putney, make sure they have visited and inspected their project area. This will allow them to determine what they have to work on. This will also allow you to discuss with them your preferences and requirements. After everything is done, you can get a more apt quotation. Another tip is that you get multiple quotations from a minimum of three professionals, so you can compare and decide what’s the best deal for you.

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