Tips for Packing When Moving to a New House



There are many steps to buy a house, but one that is often dreaded is the actual move once you secure your new place. In this piece you will learn about some tips to make your life a heck of a lot easier.

Rent a Moving Truck with a Lift

When you rent a moving truck from UHAUL or another company, make sure it has a hydraulic lift. It will be a blessing while moving.

Sure, ramps are great, but nothing will beat a lift. If you’re carrying large dressers, couches, or even appliances, slap those babies on the lift, hit the button, and bam, they are basically in the truck with just a few inches left to move.

Trust me, this will make your moving experience much more pleasurable. Get a truck with a lift!

Wrap Important Items in a Blanket or Bubble Wrap

Whether it’s a TV, a mirror, or a cabinet with glass in it, wrap those fragile items up with old blankets or bubble wrap. Unless you’re a master tetris player, you’re never going to pack the truck perfectly. Items are going to shift or even fall. You don’t want them falling into any of your most prized fragile items. Wrapping them up will give them extra protection and you should be on your way to a safe trip to your new place.

Gather Reusable Boxes

This tip can save you a decent amount of money. Price some of those brand new boxes from Lowes or Home Depot and you’ll understand. Depending on how much you have to move and how many items you have, buying all of those boxes will add up. 

The tip here is to try and find boxes from large box stores that are just going to throw them away. Chances are they are just going to throw them away anyway, but they can be mighty handy for you. Check your local area. Oftentimes, they are behind the building, but if not just ask. Contact local removals newcastle for more information. 

Invest in Lifting Straps & a Hand Truck

Let’s start with lifting straps. These are awesome and very uncommon. More people who move should be using these instead of trying to manhandle large items. Plus, oftentimes large items don’t have anything to hold onto or get a good grip on. These straps slide right under the item, hook onto your forearms, and make it so much easier to lift and move heavy items.

You should grab or borrow a hand truck for similar reasons. Hand trucks allow you to load up heavy items or stacks of boxes and wheel them right to the truck or into your new place. Does any more need to be said?

Practice some of these tips during your next move, and you may not dread it anymore!

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