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Landscaping 101: Tricks to maximise your garden space


One problem that many residents of Singapore can relate to is the need for more space for their gardening activities. But you might already have quite a lot of space in your home that you’re just not aware of. You might just need an expert in landscaping services to show you the right solution.

If All Else Fails, Look Up

The reason some people can’t find space in their homes for gardening is that they keep looking from side to side. But what if you look up instead? Yes, you still have space to go vertical with your gardening. For example, you might have a spare wall in your lanai or beside your garage. That’s plenty of space already.

One way to do this is to get some planks of wood to install in a sunny space. Once those are fixed, you may put in some nails at periodic intervals along each plank. You can then hang pocket planters on those nails with some small plants in each planter. Make sure that the pocket planters will drain well when you water each plant too.

Look In Between

You’re not done yet – did you notice that there may be space in between each vertical plank that has planters? That means you can actually grow something on the level horizontal space in between the vertical planks. 

This could be a tall ornamental such as a shrub or perhaps an edible one such as a tomato plant on a trellis. If the vertical planks are resting on solid cement or tiles, you can easily put a potted plant on that flooring. This also helps to stimulate visual interest, since it can be boring just looking at planks.

Hang Plants from Your Ceiling

This is another great idea that many small-space gardeners miss out on. You just need to screw a hook from the ceiling in the space you want. This could be an overhang on your roof deck, for example. This means you don’t have to look for a wide space by itself in your compound. You can just keep putting hooks in various overhangs of your roof area. You can grow your plants, even edible ones, that way.

If you are running out of landscaping Singapore ideas, don’t fret. Urban Landscape Company can supply you with more solutions for your gardening problems. This will help you pursue gardening with minimal fuss. That way, you’ll be encouraged to keep planting all the time.

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