Top requirements to consider in real estate distribution centres 


Industry experts believe as the real estate sector evolves, it is not just firms that lead construction buying or leasing, but also the 3rd party logistic firms could lead the way, captivating millions of space and letting it out to ecommerce, apparel, manufacturing, food, and consumer goods companies. 

What’s in store?

A shift towards electronic transaction and few other technological advances will change how the industrial estate works. Warehouse is one of the important support systems of the supply chain for any organization, which depends on the allotment of goods from factories to stores. Though it is left to the organizations to lease or buy own space, they definitely need well-spaced storehouses to keep their supply in stock. Due to the introduction of GST, this sector has already witnessed a strong build-up and the next phase will also see differentiated boost based on demand quality.   

Multi-storey and multilevel warehouses will grow in number

If the land rates comprise forty to fifty percent of the warehouse building cost, the construction builder should increase its height, making way for multi-storey or multi level for it to be economically feasible.   Though it isn’t that hard for staff to use such warehouse, automation makes loading, unloading, and packaging and storing easier. 

According to recent studies, the ceiling height of US and UK distribution centres increased from 20% to 40% feet between 2008 and 2018.  The multilevel stores are common in regions where the land price is high like South Korea, Tokyo, Singapore, Singapore, and solidly built European markers.  

Larger distribution centres

The advanced technologies in self-driving trucks will make way for bigger warehouses; proper planning should be made so that it doesn’t come in way of residential projects.  There are many architects and real estate service providers out in Canada, building ‘big box’ distribution centres, offering full range of capital options and structured solutions.  

As the distribution centre accelerates, the demand for same-day-delivery will increase for the logistic market.  Due to the competitive e-commerce segment, warehouses should be built largely to keep a stock within the city limits so that deliveries of the items to buyers are done within a day. 

Look for reputed companies, like Stendel Reich distribution center architects that are into real estate and distribution centre architects form many years. Their creative plan integrated with real estate management services define strategic and first class solutions. 

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