What To Look For In Unattended Death Cleanup Services


More people are living alone in their homes whether by choice or circumstance. This can have several unintended consequences for the future. For example, they might die without anyone knowing about their condition until after days, weeks, or months have passed. Perhaps the neighbors will start to notice the stench of the body or get curious about the lack of activity in the home. By the time they act, the corpse may already be in an advanced state of decomposition. Depending on the cause, there may be blood and bodily fluids in the immediate vicinity. This calls for professional unattended death cleanup services. Look for the following when choosing a service provider:

Detailed Decontamination

The cleanup should take care of all the obvious issues such as clutter, stains, odor, and so forth such that the family can be spared of the difficult task. This would allow them to grieve while the company takes care of the mundane necessities resulting from the death of their loved one. The technicians should also be able to provide detailed decontamination services. This may not be immediately obvious but there are pathogens that can cause illness if other people are exposed to them. Hospital-grade cleaners should be used in this endeavor as consumer grade cleaners are simply not up to the task.

Licensed Technicians

Be sure to hire licensed technicians for the job. Do not try to get butlers, maids, and other household service workers to do this as they are not equipped to handle the situation. Unattended deaths result in a hazardous environment that cannot be entered by just anyone. You will need the professional skills and experience of trained technicians to make sure that the house will be free of health hazards. Companies that offer this service have insurance to mitigate the risks. You can be certain that they will do a thorough job.

Confidential Services

This type of death can cause a sensation in the neighborhood and attract unwanted attention. It can be particularly be bad if the family is known within the community. This can make the tragedy even more traumatic for those left behind. Find a service provider that can keep the confidentiality of the incident. If possible, they should come in unmarked cars and not give any hint of their purpose.

Fast Turnaround Time

Families will want the issue to be dealt with as fast as possible. Everyone wants to grieve in peace with worrying about the house and what could happen with the body. They are likely to wish privacy which simply cannot be afforded while cleaners, investigators, insurance agents, and others are at the property. A company that can assure a fast turnaround time will be appreciated. If the cleanup can be completed right away, then the family can have the privacy and peace that they need to process the incident.

Unattended death cleanup is one of the hardest tasks there is but it has to be done for both the dead and those left behind. Be sure to give this job to a company with enough sensitivity and skill.

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