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Types of Temporary Fencing Barriers You Can Use


Short-term activities and events that are held on an open ground are exposed to different kinds of dangers. They can be intruded, gate-crashed, or damaged by unwanted visitors and outsider forces. Hence, to protect these events, temporary fencing is installed.

People think that temporary fencing is set up simply to guard a property for a short period of time. Indeed, it is true, but it also does more than just that. In fact, temporary fences can be as useful as permanent fences, provided that they are installed properly and correctly.

The first step to enjoying your temporary fencing Santa Teresa NM is by choosing the right fence that suits your exact needs. These include:

1. Chain link fencing panels

Chain-link fences can be either permanent or temporary. The temporary kind can be installed without hassle mainly because they are usually rented out. These panels are usually available in 4, 6, and 8-feet tall sheets and made of durable steel.

Fencing panels create a barrier that is difficult to pass through. You can also add privacy screens, sandbags, and gates to improve its function while it is being set up.

Fencing panels are common in construction projects, where sites have to be protected against intruders and as warning signs to both pedestrians and motorists passing by.

2. Barricades

Barricade fencing seems to be the most popular type of temporary fencing in the market. It is because they have a wide variety of uses and are easier to manoeuvre into place. They are also strong since they are made of galvanized steel.

Barricades are used primarily to control aggressive crowds. They are set up in concert grounds to manage audiences that have to be kept at bay, or when they are seating arrangements that might be distorted in the long run.

Barricades also create space for important persons to pass through without being caught on by avid fans. Even if they are in the venue, they won’t be touched or brawled out because they are not within their audience’s reach.

Barricades are ideal for one-day events, such as concerts, parades, and even riots. They can be interlinked together to form a stronger bond in protecting the assigned space, and afterwards disassembled when no longer in use.

3. Orange fencing

There are certain areas that need a special kind of fencing, mainly because of their functions. These include generators, heavy machinery, sheds that house dangerous tools in construction sites. For these areas, orange fencing can be used.

Temporary orange fencing is made of strong mesh that tells people directly to stay out of the site. They are used as deterrents in the same manner as chain link fencing panels and barricades, but are intended for equipment protection.

Orange fencing is commonly found in construction projects, both to deter intruders and to inform workers about where their equipment is located, and that they too should take extra caution since it houses materials that can be too risky to handle.

Still confused about which temporary fencing to get?

If you are still having doubts about the temporary fencing to use, it is best to contact a fencing contractor. Fencing contractors can further explain the functions and benefits of each type of temporary fencing, and can give you a better picture about which type to use according to your area and needs.

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