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What are the benefits of installing a barbeque on your deck permanently?

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Grilling is an art form, and since you are so skilled at it, all your friends want to spend the summer at your house. If you often have larger-than-usual parties, you may want to replace your current portable outdoor barbeque with a larger, permanently fixed grill in your backyard. Consider the following before deciding whether or not to invest in this upgrade.

Grills may be either portable or permanently installed

A freestanding grill may be smaller and more vulnerable to the outdoors than a built-in grill. It also depends on the kind, although some of them may be easily tipped over. Many models aren’t built to last more than a few years, at most, so consumers wind up spending more money overall when they have to keep buying new ones. The higher upfront costs of outdoor grills may be well worth it when considering the benefits you get, since it will be a permanent addition to your outdoor entertainment space. An outdoor kitchen might be as big as an additional room in the house if you want it to be.

Multiple varieties of in-wall grills

In many cases, the grill is the focal point of the whole outdoor kitchen. Whether propane, charcoal, or wood pellets are used as fuel depends largely on the preferences of the cook. Different methods of cooking provide different tastes to the final product. Let’s discuss the different varieties of built-in grills and the many possibilities that may be found within a certain budget.

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It is not recommended to use them in a built-in outdoor kitchen, since they are typically free-standing barbeques. These are not long-lasting and won’t stand the test of time since they are not made with metals and materials meant to survive for more than a few grilling seasons. Types of low-priced barbeques often found at hardware shops and supermarkets.

Quality benchmark

These grills were made to be permanent fixtures in outdoor kitchens, since their only purpose is to cook food outside. This kind of grill is often exclusively sold via specialist stores or on the internet. They provide consulting services to help customers choose the most suitable model. Choose a retailer that will provide you with a lifetime warranty on your purchases. In the event of a malfunction, it would be a tremendous inconvenience to have to repair such an outside light.

The pinnacle of opulence

A high-end barbeque, for those who can afford it, is the Mercedes of outdoor cooking appliances. These grills are the pinnacle of outdoor cooking, with no expense spared in the design or inclusion of high-tech functions and accoutrements. Computerised control panels, spring-assisted hoods, built-in smoker boxes, and sensor lighting are just some of the features found in these ovens. Unfortunately, the price tag is just as impressive as the features themselves.


If you often entertain large groups of people for barbeques during the summer, you probably have a fair notion of how big an indoor grill you’ll need. Help figuring out how much kitchen space is needed in relation to the number of people to serve would be much appreciated by most people. To prepare food for three to six people, for instance, you’ll need a grill that’s 28 inches wide or a total of 479 square inches of cooking surface. Food for at least 12 people can be cooked simultaneously on a grill with a 990-square-inch cooking area and a 42-inch width.

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