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What Kinds of Knowledge You Should Have In Condo Designing


The architecture is the area responsible for projection spaces such as houses, buildings, museums, theaters, offices, shopping malls, etc. You can also plan condos, neighborhoods and even cities. Already Interior design deals with the organization of internal environments (business rooms, apartments, ballrooms, clubs, etc.) taking into account aspects such as aesthetics, functionality and comfort. It is a career that mixes Architecture, Ergonomics and Decoration. If you want to proceed with the condominium interior design then here are the options for you.

Differences between Architecture and Interior Design

If you are creative, have an ease of drawing, a good sense of organization and a certain fascination for any type of building (from the backhouse to the football stadiums), architecture can be the most interesting profession. But be careful: to be a good architect it is not enough to master the design.

Party room

To design the furniture, it is essential to know the majority of the space’s public. If he has children, the choice of upholstery and other furniturefabric coverings that are resistant is essential. It is also important to give priority to darker tones in these cases.

  • The waterproof fabrics are also a good alternative for the common areas of condominiums in which food and beverages are released, helping to prevent stains on parts and the acceleration of the loss of its aesthetic appeal.
  • In these environments, the island countertop option has been widely used, which is a practical and multifunctional piece of furniture that helps to stimulate people’s interaction.
  • As for colors, if in furniture for common areas such as Kids or Teen Space, more vibrant tones can help add concepts such as relaxation, joy and playfulness, here it is recommended to prefer more neutral colors.
  • It is important to remember that events of the most varied types will be held in these environments and the fixed decoration of the space should not become a visual impediment to the different decorative styles that will be applied there for these occasions.

Playrooms and Kids Space

In environments specifically geared towards children, the safety issue should be even more decisive for the project.

Children demand care and a very special attention to details. It is essential that the furniture has an appropriate material, in order to guarantee durability, comfort and especially safety for the little ones. In our quality tests, we always take care not to leave corners that can cause injuries, as well as objects that can get caught and cause any type of accident. Safety is the central point of everything. In this regard, it should also be noted that children’s behavior tends to be different when they are in groups and this needs be taken into account. Here, we need to consider mainly the resistance (weight) and the risk of accidents, such as falls (height), for example. Whoever develops this furniture needs to think like the child, in order to anticipate possible risks.

Last Word In addition to safety, the cleaning aspect should also be a priority in furniture for common areas for children, recommends the expert adding that special attention must be paid to hygiene. Furniture that is easy to clean should be prioritized in these areas.

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